Mr. Giggle Offers Tetris-Like Play for Puzzle Lovers on iPhone and iPad

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Mr Giggle 2
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mr-giggle-ipadMr. Giggle (editor's note: now replaced by Mr. Giggle 2) is a very fun and addictive game that plays well on the iPhone but is even better with the extra screen real estate on the iPad.

Unlike its predecessor, Mr. Giggle 2 is no longer a universal app, meaning if you want to play it on both your iPhone and iPad you will have to download and pay for the app twice. Mr. Giggle 2 HD (for iPad) will cost about a dollar more than it's iPhone/iTouch cousin. But, in both cases there is also a lite version that lets you try before you buy.

Much like Tetris, the object is to manipulate a group of colored shapes to clear the screen. However, unlike Tetris the shapes are all snarky squares that either smile or frown depending on their mood. By swiping on the rows and columns the squares can be moved around and eliminated by matching them with like colors. 

From the main screen you can access the various settings by tapping on one of four icons. A tool icon brings up the settings menu, which allows for setting the game timer for one, two, or three minutes. This is how long you will have to rack up enough points in order to advance to the next round. The trophy icon brings up high scores, while the sunshine logos act as a help menu. The play button will, of course, launch a new game.

There are not many customization options, which may not be a bad thing if you are looking for a short time killer that can be launched and played rather quickly. But the lack of any kind of two-player mode means you will only be playing solo.

Gameplay moves along pretty well, though it can get a bit cramped on the iPhone version of Mr. Giggle. Even with the iPad the top two rows were a bit obscured by the large timer and scoring icon. Also, the app is a bit buggy with frequent crashes when launched from Spotlight search. In each case, a restart of the iPad seems to resolve the issue, but clearly a patch is needed.

Overall Mr. Giggle 2 is still a nice puzzle game that is challenging enough to keep most users entertained.

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  • rokz23

    May I also suggest you take a peek at a tetris style game called poker revolution. The twist is that the falling blocks are playing cards and you need to place them so as to make poker style combinations.

  • Mandy clare

    Am I being really thick? How do you get mr giggles on your iPad?