Mr. Handsfree Family Charger is Ideal for Organizing


Mr. Handsfree Family Charger for the iphoneWith all the devices floating around my house – and there are a lot – I sought out a way to keep them better organized while they charge. Instead of having them lay around on the kitchen counters, end tables and dressers while they charge and having the cords hanging out all over the place where the dog can chew on them, I decided to give Mr. Handsfree Family Charger a try.

After unpacking the box, I discovered it came in pieces rather than fully assembled. Surprisingly, even though I have female DNA I don’t read directions. This proves to be a mistake about 90% of the time, but in the case of the Mr. Handsfree Family Charger, it was pretty obvious where the parts go. You have the option of assembling this charging station to be wall-mount or desktop. I chose desktop, but even though the device holders slide securely into place on the base, you can easily invert the holders to switch back and forth.

The Mr. Handsfree Family Charger device holders have adjustable side arms that you can make narrower or wider with a scroll wheel on the back. I was able to adjust the holders to snuggly hold a variety of devices including: an iPod touch, a Blackberry Pearl, a Nokia flip, some Nextel walkie-talkie phone thing my husband has for work, and my TV remote. (Ok, I was just curious on that last one and it seemed like a good idea at the time.) It didn’t narrow quite enough to hold an iPod nano though.

To use the charging station, you simply plug your device’s existing wall charger into it and then plug the charging station itself into the wall. The power cord on the charging station had ample enough length for anywhere I might choose to use it. On the underneath side of the base there are compartments with snap off covers that you can tuck the wires into, although I wrapped mine around the actual holder instead.

Mr. Handsfree Family Charger is a nice enough caddy and is kind of like a power-strip with organizational features. If it had four holders and plugs instead of just three, it would have been nearer to perfect for me, but as it is, I can still use it to neatly cradle my phone, my husband’s phone, and my youngest son’s. My oldest doesn’t set his phone down long enough to care anyway.

As a device caddy, Mr. Handsfree Family Charger is a suitable way to organize charging gadgets and only occupies one electrical outlet while doing it. If you have a large family or numerous devices, I would suggest buying two, which isn’t that much of a stretch at the AppCraver Store price of $14.95. All in all, it’s a pretty decent way of organizing cell phones and gadgets.

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