Mr. Trivia Lite - 50's Style Trivia That Will Make You Laugh!

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Mr. Trivia
Developer: Iron Square
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mr trivia lite - iphone app

Released last week, Mr. Trivia Lite is really a free trial version of the more full featured Mr. Trivia, but as far as trivia games go, it's definitely entertaining! The game comes complete with 50's style game show graphics and sound effects! I am sure the volume control will come in handy if you happen to be playing Mr. Trivia Lite at work (just be careful not to laugh too loud).

Each game consists of 2 rounds of 10 questions and you get 30 seconds to answer each one. I played the game at least half a dozen times with no repeat questions and found the it enjoyable. Occasionally, I had to laugh out loud at some of the more humorous questions and the faux prizes at the end of the game. Anyone who enjoys a good game of trivia will find Mr. Trivia Lite worth the download and probably the upgrade to Mr. Trivia (which comes with 500 questions, a "Lightning Round" and even more faux prizes).

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  • Rick

    I saw this and was going to pass, but based on your review I will download the free version.