Multiplayer Tiki Spades is Trump Card App


multiplayer tiki spades iphone appMultiplayer Tiki Spades - I grew up learning to play every card game imaginable and even though I’m more of a card guppy than a card shark, I enjoy card games immensely. It’s not always easy to find other people to join in, so I really appreciate a good video card game. Multiplayer Tiki Spades is video spades you can play anywhere with the added bonus of being able to play online with others.

Multiplayer Tiki Spades by Amplified Games, Inc., who also brought us Chili Pepper Black Jack, Fat Free Poker, and Cookie Solitaire, lets you play spades on your iPhone both offline against computer players and online with others.

Utilizing the social interface of JuJu Play, users can join in with other players for a Normal, Fast, or Faster game of spades. Simply register your email and create a password at JuJu Play and sign in to locate players. Choose three different games — normal, fast, or faster — based on a set score or time limit. You can also chat with other players in your room, view leader boards and track high scores and game stats.

As far as I can tell, Multiplayer Tiki Spades is the real deal. I’m no Hoyle, but you can bid blind Nil for extra points and the game keeps track of underbids as bags, which is how I’ve always played. The tapping interface is smooth and accurate when choosing and playing cards.

The ability to play by yourself or online with others is a feature I wish more apps had. In my experience it seems a fairly stable process, though from time to time, don’t be surprised if you or someone in your game loses network connection. Yet in most cases, the connection can be successfully reestablished. I played several games online and only came across one instance where the game glitched out.

If you enjoy the game of spades, definitely check out Multiplayer Tiki Spades. The free version of Multiplayer Tiki Spades contains the same features as the paid version, but the paid version eliminates all ads.

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  • Ben Peart

    My tiki app stop working tell me why?

  • Tai Niblack

    I have bought the app multiplayer tiki spades, but it will not let me make a friends list. After I find a person it does not allow me to make him/her my friend.

    I want it resolved or my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Majorkey

    I just got finished playing a game and my partner bid a 00 nil and the only spade I had was a ace and he/she/computer had the king, queen and the jack. Now can you bid that and throw out those spade when all along you should have been bidding a 4 or a 5. It seems like it was a set to cause us to loose.. I've been in a lot of games like that. Are there real humans playing these games with you or is it a computer...

  • Majorkey

    I want to talk to my partner if it's a real partner; How do I do that?

  • http://none Ben


  • veejus

    how do you play this game through facebook? can u play this on desktop?

  • christina

    I paid for this app and deleted by mistake and now it is NOT in the app store, paid or free version. WHY??? I want it back or a refund.

  • Nick

    Bought tiki spades awhile ago and for the last 3 months can't play it. When I go to log in it says it needs a Internet connection to play. I have Internet working and I've ebb played spades while being stuck in traffic so I know u don't have to have it. What the F is wrong with this thing.

  • http://Jujuplayspades Josh

    I think they closed their game server. Cant play online anymore. Keeps complaining cannot connect to server as if user password is wrong.
    Multiplyer hearts hd also just stopped working.