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Multi Quiz
Developer: eric degrange
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MultiQuiz, an app from french iPhone developer Eric Degrage is a trivia app with the unique ability to have users create their own Quizzes. To do so, you first login to the developer website, and then create your quiz by entering each question along with three possible answers. The quiz must be "validated" by the developer, presumably to reject entries with questionable material. You are also required to have 20 questions per quiz -- which in my mind is a high requirement. It took me about 20 minutes to create the iPhone app quiz.

MultiQuiz gets points for the ability to extend itself using the community. Hopefully, MultiQuiz gets traction and users upload a wide variety of quizzes. On the downside, you cant play against other users yet, and some of the featured quizzes are quite lame.

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  • Macy F

    Ooooo these will keep me entertained on long train rides! The UI looks great, didn't like the music in the background though.

  • TheRealGomez

    I don't like the fact that you can't make the quizzes from the phone itself, other than that it seems legit.

  • François

    Hi i'm françois the co-author of multiQuiz, just a few things :

    Users can also create "private" quiz (password protected) in this case : no validation and no 20 questions limit ;)

    To The RealGomez : It will be painfull to create quizzes from your iPhone, i promise you ;)
    It's easier from a PC/MAC :)


  • Fred Krueger

    agree with francois. creating a quiz was hatrder than i thought :)

  • http://miltiquiz-createquizzes Guy Frantzen

    I have an iphone and would ideally like to make my own quizzes on it but I would be happy to be able to make them up on my computer as well.