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Muscle Trigger Points
Developer: Real Bodywork
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muscle trigger points iphoneAny iPhone or iPod Touch user with an interest in the human body may find Real Bodywork’s reference app Muscle Trigger Points to be of special interest. More specifically, it is designed for those with an interest in muscle function, trigger points and pain referral. Muscle Trigger Points has excellent 3D graphics and some good information for those who already have some knowledge of anatomy and are comfortable with medical lingo describing locations within the body. The purpose of Muscle TP is to provide a quick reference for common trigger points, or tight muscles that can be the source of pain in other parts of the body.

Muscle Trigger Points features posterior and anterior views of the body and highlights many superficial, as well as some deep muscles, the locations of which are indicated by their respective blue and yellow dots. Tapping on specific muscle reveals information about the muscle, including its function and possible referral, as well as any additional comments. Users can also choose to view the muscles in an alphabetical list format for quick access.

Muscle Trigger Points is a nice reference, containing roughly 100 muscles in its database. Considering that there are over 600 muscles in the human body, this makes the information included in Muscle TP seem a bit raw. Nonetheless, the key word describing the purpose of Muscle TP is to present “common” trigger points. Unfortunately, in some cases the description of a few muscles is absent, making the already scaled back reference even more limited. Because this app was designed primarily to be useful to people in professions like massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractics, or perhaps students, it seems these users would be the first to notice any exclusions, making the app itself appear to be more comprehensive to a layperson with limited knowledge.

The potential of future updates including things like additional muscle information certainly exists, which would definitely help round out Muscle Trigger Points as a thorough reference. Even as it is, there is certainly some potential for those who work in a relevent field to find value in Muscle TP, but the average user looking to self-diagnose a sore spot may have a bit of difficulty navigating to an answer with the slightly limited references riddled with anatomical terminology. Students studying anatomy may also want to check out Real Bodywork’s other muscle reference app Learn Muscles, as it contains the same great 3D graphics and is a more comprehensive reference designed specifically for learning.

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  • Sahil taneja

    Hmmm.. never heard of anyhting like this..
    Will surely suggest this one to my Brother, he's into body buliding and stuff
    Thanks :)