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Music iQ
Developer: Phase2 Media
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Music iQ iPhone appI smartly downloaded Music iQ before embarking on a four-hour car ride.  Perfect timing!  I entertained myself, the car trip went more quickly, and I discovered I am terrible at remembering the names of songs, even when I recognize a tune.

Music iQ from Phase2 Media is like an iPhone version of “Name That Tune.”  Music iQ plays random songs one-at-a-time from your iPhone’s or iPod touch’s library, and the quicker you guess the songs, the more points you get. The good news is that Music iQ is a multiple choice quiz game, so you are given five options to choose from to help jog your memory.

The music library on my iPhone is small; I keep most of my music solely on my iPod so I don't use up all my iPhone’s memory.  If you do the same, you might find that Music iQ might be better used with your iPod touch than your iPhone.  The larger your music library is, the more challenging it will be to play Music iQ.

A nice side effect of Music iQ is that it keeps you in touch with all of your music, not just with the artists or albums that you listen to the most.  Along that same line, you can also ban individual songs, albums or artists from showing up when you play Music iQ, for example, an artist whose music you are not in the mood for or a friend’s homemade album whose song names you have listed in your iPhone as “Track 1,” “Track 2,” and so on.

Music iQ functions as described with no problems or quirks.  It is easy to play, and you can pick it up whether you have a few minutes or an hour at your disposal.  Whether you play to pass the time or to test your knowledge, Music iQ is a great app for music lovers.

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