MusiDash Steers Users to a New Music Player Experience


Is your standard iPod music player running on empty? Check out MusiDash, a creative looking music player that displays in the form of a car dashboard and provides three at-a-glance information readouts. MusiDash replaces the need to access the standard iPod application on your device as the way to control the music you listen to.

As a utility app, MusiDash does exactly what its developer, Oceanarc Ltd., says it does. The app is both clever and unique, and although it's not necessary for a good music experience on your iPhone, at least it's different and fairly interesting.

MusiDash has a fairly simple user interface and gives users the ability to select songs or albums and quickly navigate to a specific song or album, as well as a repeat and shuffle setting. The main screen displays three gauges – an analogue clock, a battery meter display that mimics a fuel gauge, and a third display indicating wireless signal strength. The display gauges are cleverly designed to look like the gauges on a car’s dashboard and there is an option to change the display color. By double tapping the center of the screen, you can navigate between the main display and the music player.

Since most people are perfectly happy with their iPod application as the standard way of accessing their music library, MusiDash might be a hard sell for some App Store shoppers. The battery power, time, and signal displays are a nice choice, even if somewhat expected. With the inclusion of a fourth dial displaying something fun, such as a compass or an “On Star” style button that allows you to access your contacts, MusiDash could be a great travel buddy.

Still, Musidash is a more stylish way to access your music than the standard iPod application. The album picker page, accessible by tapping the music note in the upper left corner of the music player, displays album art and you can scroll vertically through your entire collection to make a selection.

Overall, MusiDash is well designed and does not mislead with its App Store description. It is a stylish music player with no clutter and simple enough navigation. If you happen to have a dashboard caddy for your iPhone in your car, MusiDash will make your iPhone, or even your touch, appear to be a chic extension of your vehicle’s interior.

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