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My Core Info
Developer: Danbo Pty Ltd
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my core info iPadThere are plenty of organizational apps available for your smartphone. And there are just as many journal apps too. But what about combining all into one? Kind of like Evernote, but made to be private for your own personal use. My Core Info, a recent addition to the App Store for iPad, aims to do just that … combine all your info into one place.

From drilling down into organizing all your household assets into one place to adding in personal notes about anything that's on your mind, My Core Info for iPad is an all-in-one resource to capture private information about you and your life. 

As I eluded to above, if you're looking for a collaborative organizational tool such as Evernote or Teambox then you can stop here. If not, then you've come to the right place. My Core Info is a robust and very thorough tool to help the detailed oriented person in all of us do just that … be very detailed. When you open the app, you're automatically prompted to password project your information. I found this to be a nice touch as my private info needs to stay private. You complete this step by adding in a password, date of both and a secret question and answer.

Once initial setup is complete, you're brought to the main menu, from which, you are presented with various categories such as house, names and faces, entertainment, health and several more. For instance, when you click on finances, you are able to set budget details, including earnings and expenditures as well as your investment accounts and tax information. You can even add in business articles you find interesting.

I found the talking points section to be particularly useful. It's a great tool for personal brand building as you can add in different events you've been a part of, stories about yourself and how you describe yourself … your basic elevator pitch.

If you're looking for bells and whistles, you'll be out of luck as the My Core Info app is very basic in structure. However, this simplistic approach is what makes the app useful. Tabs are easy to navigate and details are easy to input.

My Core Info is probably for the person who is very detailed oriented and wants an account of every piece of information in their life and doesn't mind inputting it themselves. A nice touch in a future iteration of this app would be auto sync between financial accounts. Even without it, the app is still useful.

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