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MyReef 3D Aquarium
Developer: BITBROS INC.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

my reef 3d aquarium iphoneIn line with the numerous virtual fish tank screensavers available for desktops, lap tops and hand helds, MyReef 3D Aquarium for iPhone and iPod Touch provides users with a simple way to turn their screen into an interactive 3D fish tank.

Complete with customizable accessories and several different species of fish, My Reef 3D Aquarium has several options to personalize your tank. For those who are amused by the odd, simple apps meant to entertain themselves and induce app envy amongst friends, MyReef 3D Aquarium has the potential to please.

Not only is it colorful and visually pleasing, MyReef 3D emulates the relaxing sounds of a real fish tank with aerating bubbles. You can customize up to three different tanks, adding and moving accessories to your taste and choose the fish you want to place in each. There are two different camera modes, including a fish cam that lets you zoom in on any one particular fish to watch its behavior up close. There is quite the variety of tropical species to pick from, ranging from small to large, most of which are very colorful and have natural movement.

Obviously designed purely to entertain, MyReef 3D Aquarium allows you to feed your fish, but doesn’t require it to keep them alive. Thankfully, there’s no cleaning involved either. In addition to feeding and camera views, the other interactive options include tapping the glass, turning on and off the aquarium light, and swapping out your tank for a different one. All of these options and the settings menu are accessible by tapping the bottom of the screen. Entering the settings menu, you can change background, gravel, accessories, and fish as well as set orientation, sound volume, and if you choose, turn on your own music.

MyReef 3D Aquarium utilizes a clean GUI and color-rich display to create its virtual aquarium. The ability to customize and enjoy an interactive, 3D background that mimics a miniature fish tank while listening to music or simply working at your desk is pleasant and if you enjoy fish, MyReef 3D Aquarium is pretty ideal.

If you aren’t sure a 3D aquarium is for you, you can always download the free version, which provides only one tank and far less options but will save you the three bucks you’d spend for the full version. Both are pleasant and not only is there nothing to clean, you'll never have to flush a fish you forgot to feed.

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  • ben

    nice info, i think i will purchse this for my iphone

  • Elle Wood

    I love apps like this. I'll certainly be looking into acquiring this app for my phone.