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My Schedule
Developer: Manel de la Rosa Siles
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

my schedule iphone appMy Schedule is one in a very long list of time-management apps in the App Store. The truth is, there are so many capable apps in this category that it's nearly impossible for me to recommend one over the other. My Schedule doesn't stand out in any way, but it doesn't have many rough edges, either. At $0.99, it's also a good deal.

My Schedule from Something tries to differentiate itself by focusing more on being an app that students will find most useful, although it works perfectly well as a generic time keeper. It does pretty much what you expect of any app in this category: Set up busy times, get a view of your tasks by day, week and month and add notes to tasks. You can color code items on your schedule too.

I think most students would find My Schedule quick and easy to use. The interface is straightforward and you can be up and running without having to look at a Help screen or run a tutorial. That's always a big plus with any app.

I don't use time management apps because I lack the discipline to enter into an app times, dates, appointments and whatever else life demands that I do. I'm also a procrastinator, so I'd rather not know what's on my calendar, thank you very much.

When I consider trying to get my affairs in order, my preference is without a doubt for an app that makes it very easy to enter information about my tasks, when I have to start and end them, and so on. If it's not dead simple, I won't use it.

My Schedule fits those basic requirements but it's not as facile to use as other apps I've tried. For example, I reviewed iStudent Pro recently and that one uses scroll wheels to speed entering info. It's also more stylish and flexible. You pay for the extra goodies, not surprisingly. iStudent Pro is $2.00 more than My Schedule but I think it's worth the price.

If you want a quick and dirty student scheduler, go for My Schedule. If you want more flexility and features, go with iStudent Pro.

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