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my6sense iPhoneNews stream and social media app my6sense wants to make the deluge of information available on the web a bit more manageable for you — by reading your mind.

Yes, this is another app that studies your tendencies, but my6sense is actually a pretty good tool at sorting through your RSS feeds and pulling up content that aligns with your interests. It works by using an artificial engine to digest your news feeds from an RSS reader account, such as Google Reader. After a few hours, my6sense will start giving you recommended reading under a Top Messages panel. The longer you use my6sense, the more information there is about your reading habits. This in turn hones in on the kind of stories you would rather be reading. After a bit of use I was really pleased with what it pulled up as recommended reading.

Where my6sense is particularly strong is if you are browsing your iPhone/iPod touch and want a quick snippet of news and information. By pulling up the recommended feeds my app was filled with stories that I was happy to peruse my way through. It was a far better way to read through my feeds than just looking at the haphazard scroll of stories found in a typical reader. If you want to scroll through the feeds by their feed title that is possible too — and the interface here is really smooth and includes the title and an icon for each feed.

There are also social media components through my6sense, which allows you to share a feed through Twitter, Facebook, or FriendFeed. These were pretty seamless and worked quite well, with the link automatically shortened through

Probably the only drawback is there is not yet any sync between your feeds. For example, if you read a story through my6sense, it still appears as unread if you pull it up later in Google Reader. But overall, this is an excellent (and free!) tool for reading and sharing online content. Also, integration would make sharing even stronger so you could track your links.

In all my6sense is a strong offering in the news app and rss reader categories and hopefully will continue to add features to make it even stronger.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Ilana

    Hi Derek, Thanks so much for the fantastic review!

    Regarding the social stream components-
    Just wanted to mention that my6sense recently announced a super new feature, where we bring Digital Intuition to Twitter with 'mytweetsense'

    mytweetsense is the first mobile service to automatically filter tweets that contain links, so that the most relevant content is presented first.
    It's also the first to display content previews, videos(YouTube) and images (Twitpic) directly within tweets (in the application of course) - so that users can view their content just like any other message, and don't need to click away on shortened urls in their mobile browser to find out if content interest them.

    There's a great demo of mytweetsense form Louis Gray here:

    Again, thank you for the excellent article :-)
    Wishing you an Awesome 2010!
    Marketing - my6sense

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