Most Expensive iPhone App


most expensive iphone app$449 for MyAccountsToGo Dynamics GP! Appears to be business customer management software.

Don't expect a review here anytime soon.

Via Gizmodo.

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  • kev master

    I just got ira for free too lol

  • chizola

    is ira still available for free? cant find it

  • Wally Smith

    International Athletics is the most expensive track and field based game. Check it out.

  • random guy

    I got is free as welll

  • tap

    Yeah, I got International Athletics at a good price ;) quality game.

  • Bill

    I was wondering, I have some amazing ideas for applications that I was to turn into reality and get them going...However I am unfamiliar with the complete programing sequence that needs to be done, how should I get started I would rather just be an adventure capitalist on this one and invest a team to get my idea done... anyone have any ideas?

  • jacob

    they got for free because they jail-broke their iphone, i find so stupid to do that.

  • Jail Broken For life.

    Well, iRA Pro is probably now the most expensive app there is on the market. At a wooping 899$

    It's pretty nuts, But yeah, aside from that. I think there are a couple others like Flight diagnostics and such that run a good 500 - 600 $

    I have an entire folder of applications that are just.... expensive as hell..

    ranging from 15 of them priced at 39.99 Usd

    to several of them being about 300- 899 Usd

    So roughly over 2 thousand dollars worth of Applications on my phone.

    I use NONE of them.. I just like to have them to feel that I've beaten the system. Which I have.

    So , if anyone actually wants to pay money for this.. I advise not to, jail break your iphone.. It's not that hard, there are walk throughs all over youtube. And it only takes about 5 minutes to do it.

    it doesn't void your warranty , because it can always be restored to the original iphone software.

    It doesn't corrupt any files, only unlocks the governer on the phone.

  • Jail Broken For life.

    # jacob Says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 4:51 am

    they got for free because they jail-broke their iphone, i find so stupid to do that.

    You find it stupid that we can get applications that are over priced, ..stupid?

    Clearly you're daft kid.

  • Jacob

    Jail Broken For life. Says:

    You find it stupid that we can get applications that are over priced, ..stupid?
    Clearly you’re daft kid.

    Yea i forget, some people are poor and can't afford a simple $999 app.

    And am not a kid.

  • Mark

    I got ira for free!

  • Anthony

    actually jacob i am rich not to brag but sometimes its good to save a few extra green the easy way it does not mean they are poor... they just dont wanna pay ☺and so what if they are poor, its not right to insult them like that if they are. where are ur morals sir?

  • Lol

    To Jail broken for like, Mark, Anthony and all and any of you out there who unscrupulously "get apps for free":

    My husband is a developer and just spent hours and hours, entire week ends and sometimes entire nights for several months developing, submitting and marketing an iPhone app, hoping to make a few extra bucks with his 9.99$ app, you know ... to put money aside for our daughter's college, go to the beach for a week end ... only to see it pirated after 2 days on the app store, with "new users" twice as much as "buyers" ...

    For you, it's just "beating the system" or "saving a few extra greens" ... but what about the people who spent their time (which BTW, they could have spent with their families...), skills (yes, it takes time, brains and commitment to learn a new programming language) and sometimes money (apple fee, course fee, advertising fee ...) to get their app on the app store? Not to mention how disgusted and discouraged he was ...

    You know, NOT every developer out there is a 20-year old kid writing codes in mommy's basement between a beer and a couple tweets; not every developer is a big company with lots of VC money who can afford to see their app cracked ...

    There are REAL people, like you, behind some of those apps you are pirating and they worked hard to be in the system and deserve to make a few greens ... but congrats! you got apps for free ... and beat the system ... BFD!

  • anthony

    I agree that jailbreaking is stealing and cheating, and illegal. It is also a total failure of Apple by allowing it to happen. Afterall, they have total control of the hardware, software, OS, SDK, app store, etc. But yet the high tech Apple failed to stop it. I would put blame 80% on Apple, and 20% on those who cracked and used it.

  • rel

    jailbraking is not illegal
    and its not stupid
    its made for big companies ti put custom apps
    its made to unlocks
    because the world is more than the us and att
    and the lady with the developer husband
    big fucking deal guess who doesnt steal
    i have a company happens all the time get over your self
    and i do get for free firt because alot of apps are bullshit
    and im not gonna waste my money on a piece of shit app
    thats what doesnt sell, not that 20 people didnt pay for it.
    make something good and people wont mind buying it

  • atomic

    Yeah that lady with the b.s. sob story was so full of it! If you need a free application that probably should be free anyways because you bought a really expensive phone and dont want their propiatary money hungry hands to keep trying to squeeze more out of you Yeah WE Got An APP For That! jailbreak your phone its easy safe and fun

  • jeff’e ocho

    i too have a close conection to a software developer who spends hours,days,weeks ..ect
    and he tells me that piracy realy only hurts makers of poor quality software
    for instance have you ever spent 40 bucks on a game cause the box made it look decent
    you get that sucker home and its crap you cant return it either
    if you use the software try it out free "not some crapy lite version"
    if you like it /use it THEN suport the author

    p.s. lol :college... good apps make money period . pirated or not
    maybe it just wasnt a "good" app ?
    so many home app developers think they can get rich quick with some useless
    or mildly entertaining app
    it reminds me of the late night infomercials about selling realestate

    thanx for the rant

  • jvw

    let's go back in time here. You, Mark, grow corn. You, Anthony, have cows. You buy corn from Mark, and sell beef and/or milk to him in exchange (because it makes no sense for you BOTH to spend time with corn and cows, right???). Suppose Mark decided, hey, you just had two calves and by golly, you probably only really need one anyway, so he comes in the night and steals it. Heck, you drive a nice Ford, you must be one fat cat. So, you'll never miss it.

    But you are outraged! you paid for the vet bills to have to two calves delivered, and the stud fees, and fixed the hole in the barn to keep that nice Elsie warm and dry. And now, he's coming and stealing your livelihood?

    Tough luck, Anthony. You should have invested in a BIG fence, and a couple of big dogs (who also need to be fed), and maybe even a security company. All because Mark didn't realize that the calf cost you money, time, and nights in the barn to make sure it survived (and boy was your girlfriend/wife annoyed about that!).

    Ok, now fast forward to 2009. LOL put it succinctly. It's not all faceless big business (which by the way is a bunch of Marks and Anthonys working for a day's pay…)

    Get it, guys?

  • Tristan

    Well actually...i don't think jail breaking your iphone is stealing because the appstore has apps in there that only works on jailbroken phone so obviously...they still getting money somehow some way...i got ira free aswell haha...But to be honest if they wanted to crack down on the crap of jailbroken phones and all they would have by now.

  • Shaun

    It seems a little strange to pay more for an app than you did for the actual phone in the first place..

  • Judd

    To "ITS MY IPHONE.... NOT YOURS", the guy that said "after apple sold you an iPhone it's YOURs and you can do whatever you want with it... Meaning, jailbreaking is not illegal".... Well I bought a gun from a gun store a few weeks back... And now it's mine and I can do whatever I want with it... So if I go murder a few people with it... It's not illegal? FUCKING DUMBASS!

  • Delayedbird

    To "Judd" nah u cant just go and kill a bunch of people because some guy on the internet told you that you can do whatever you like with whatever you buy HOWEVER let me tell you this shooting someone with a gun hurts people but what hurt does it do jailbreaking your ipod and yes u can actually legally jailbreak your ipod the only illegal thing about it is if you download cracked apps. believe it or not there are some people that support freeware developers who ARENT in it for the money and who put their free apps on Cydia or Installer. If you want money GET A REAL JOB im not saying that you cant make a living out of being a developer however you can't make THAT much money being an IPHONE developer. Well you could but you would have to make a good app that people would WANT to buy lets face it if you really like an app even if you are jailbroken you will still buy it and there are suckers that arent jailbroken that will buy it and there are people that want to do the "right thing"

  • Stop flamming us…

    You guys/girls attacking the jailbroken, a gun cannot be compared to some little piece of technology. There is always a challenge when you do things, the people who use cracked-apps (which i do :) ) are usually teenagers who don't want to steal their parents credit card. I agree with the person who said: "it's enough that you already BOUGHT the iPod/phone" i think theres just two different classes of people out their: the people who work hard to get things for free, and the people who work hard to earn money to buy the app.

    Btw, i have many friends that are developers, and none of them have ever purchased an app, we all agree that it depends on how good it is, and whether the developer deserves to be paid.

  • Jake

    Judd, seriously? What kind of point are you making? If you're going to call people uneducated assholes, learn proper grammar, don't use vulgarity (it makes you sound, well, uneducated), and try not to be an asshole yourself.

  • Nickolas

    Wow. Judd you are very uneducated yourself. Using volger language just makes you sound even more uneducated. I am typing this message right now on a jailbroken iPod touch and I see no problem with it. The only reason I even jailbroken mine was to be able to personalize it. And if apple didn't want this to be able to happen the wouldn't have given the iPod/iPhone the ability. Just like the person who invented the toaster didn't give or the ability to fly. If the company that produces a product doesn't want it to d something it won't do it. It's just that simple. You are making a fool of yourself infront of all opf these people. How dumb do you feel knowing that some people have the original intention of making their app free and apple won't allow it. After spending your time to perfect this app you would war to sell it the way you want to. Therefore people would take their app elsewhere to put it on the market for the price they want to. Such as free sownloading apps like installer it's all a big cycle that you need to get over. Thank you.


  • Judd: purchase the rampant rabbit…

    Theft= dishonest appropriation of another persons property, with the intention of permenantly depriving that person from the value of that property.

    Copy right: Intelectual property

    jail broken iPhone: striclty not illeagal

    downloading a cracked app: also strictly NOT illeagal, distributing a cracked app so as to deprive the owner of the the copy rights possible sales (value) well,,, that's illeagal... And well.. Who can you blame?? The pirates: Which are a few people, can't condem the thousands which have well, made a simple cost benefet risk assesment and realised that free is less that 99 pence or cents as most of you colonials use..

    Wrong or right?? What the **** does that have to do with anything??! If your so bothered about pirates stealing your money, do what any good buisness person does, protect your investment! Risk beneft analysis people! There's a huge hole in the apple app store basket, if your gonna put your eggs in it any way why complain about dropping a some yolk intour shoes... Deal with it, are you seriously expecting people to not get apps for free because it's moral???! Think of the drug dealer and the addict.. In that scenario, the society is the victim because drugs aren't leagalised and taxed (keep hope alive) risk cost and benefit! You Americans seem to belive in a free capalist Market right??? Act like it! And stop bloody crying about it, you can't stop people saving money.. The pirates are your enemy, to others probably a freedom fighter, un lynching the corporate capatilist noose apple and their developers have on thier image hungry iPhone dwellers... Oh and to everyone else, read and book...

  • ipodz1983

    I jailbroke my ipod so I could unlock an option setting called TVout which enables me to play my apps on a tv screen.I heard this function was originally going to come installed out of the box but apple changed their mind. Why Did I have To Jailbreak just so I could play my games on my tv screen. You would think apple would have Promoted the idea of being able to play games and apps on a TV screen

    Check out my youtube video where i show you instructions and game play of what i just wrote about

  • iPhone app review

    I get the feeling that one could easily assemble all of the functionality of this app with several other apps, at an incredibly decreased price point. It is pretty gutsy of these people to charge so much, and while I certainly cannot test drive the software, I feel pretty confident that the price far exceeds the value.

  • BigJoe

    I'm a self-confessed late comer to the apple scene but wanted to share some of my thoughts. I've jailbroken my ipod and am also guilty of installous etc. The problem with those of us who download for free is that we are taking away incentive for developers to produce applications. I think we have been blessed with the apps currently on offer, in the future the face of the scene will change...apps will have to be protected better or else what is the incentive for people to produce apps???? I urge each of you to consider purchasing even just one of your favourite apps at this point in time in order to support those that support us and keep the industry viable...Peace

  • Anon

    Actually the most expensive app would be BarMax, CA at $1,000 it is to help students pass their bar exams.

  • Anoymus

    I got I Ra pro free & VIP black toop