myBaby3d Offers Amazing 3D Visuals for Tracking Baby's Growth During Pregnancy

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myBaby3d HD
Developer: AppMedical GmbH
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myBaby3dIf you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant or know of anyone who is either of these things, then check out myBaby3d by AppMedical. A biological visual wonder, myBaby3d is the first 3D app to show stage by stage, week by week growth and development of a fetus from conception to full-term. Expecting parents simply enter the due date and then are treated to a 3D visual representation of each stage of growth and development, as well as numerous facts about human development.

MyBaby3d is tastefully done and so much more representative of human development than simple illustrations. The app allows you to switch views between observation and interactive exploration. Biological facts are given for each stage and also include audio files that describe the processes going on in the mother’s body and in the development of baby. MyBaby3d is a great way to keep in touch with the miracle of life while waiting for the big day.

With beautifully rendered animation and soothing background music, myBaby3d is relaxing to read and explore. Every stage of conception and pregnancy is adequately explained from the biological stand point and expecting parents can get an idea of exactly what is transpiring in the womb during the entire pregnancy. MyBaby3d is not a “what to expect” reference, but rather a “what is happening now” reference that spans the entire development of a new life.

Navigating myBaby3d is uncomplicated and every feature has been made obvious. Begin by entering a due date and let the app keep track as baby grows and develops, or simply scroll through each stage as desired. To enter interactive mode and see all dimensions, tap the button in the upper right corner. Options are available from the settings menu in the bottom right and each informational paragraph is displayed for reading at each stage as well as one-button access to the audio file for each stage. Users can also share each stage via Facebook, Twitter or email with family and friends.

MyBaby3d is a beautifully done, interactive reference of the stages of pregnancy and is a great tool for involving others – be it fathers, grandparents, other children or friends. Keep in mind that myBaby3d is meant as a visual and informational representation of the biological process of a full-term pregnancy. It does not provide medical advice or offer information beyond normal fetal development and is not intended to be more. It does provide a unique perspective that is easy to access and can provide expectant parents with a means of relishing each and every week while waiting for their special delivery.

MyBaby3D is available for iPad 2 and later models for an introductory price of $1.99 and provides 49 animated 3D models to track baby’s growth and development.

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