MyConvert Offers More Conversions Than Many Apps, Including Some Unusual Ones

myConvert - unit converter (AppStore Link)
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myConvert - unit converter
Developer: Lu A Oo
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

myconvert- iphone appsWith so many conversion apps available at the app store it's hard to choose. MyConvert by developer Lu A Oo is based on the earlier iConvert and it includes several user-requested units, which make it slightly different than some other conversion apps out there.

As with the very useful a2zpro, MyConvert allows users to add and remove their own formulas. Initially the app offers 45 categories, which include the standards like length, temperature, and area, but MyConvert also offers some unusual ones like dress or hat sizes, radioactivity, or video time code. Especially the dress and shoe size conversions come in quite handy for anyone who travels and needs to stock up on some clothes. A currency converter is included with 35 conversions showing rates from the European Central Bank.

In comparison to other converters MyConvert lacks in user-friendly handling but the option to select between favorites, recently used units and all categories is useful. MyConvert is a good converter and rides the solid middle ground of the utilities apps.

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  • mustang sallie

    great app. great interface. probably the one you should get

  • Howard Hamer

    myconvert will not load on my 3g iphone. It worked before.

  • Lu

    Hi Howard,
    You can restore myConvert by going to Home > Settings > myConvert and turn on 'restore'. If it doesnt work, you probably just need a restart or reinstall.

  • John

    Looks OK but the angle/trigonometry conversions for sine; cosine & tangent are all wrong??