MyDecider Aims to Help You Make Up Your Mind

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mydecider iphone"To not decide, is to decide," according to some dude whose name I've forgotten. MyDecider, a decision-making tool from Edible Apps, is supposed to help fence sitters make up their minds about whatever concerns them.

Key into the app a question you've been mulling over. Enter the choices that are most important to you about this question, Assign criteria for your choices. Then rank your choices and weight your criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the most important).

Here's an example: I want to go on a cruise. I have three cruise lines that I'm considering. My criteria for those cruise lines include cost, destination, cabin size, location of the cabin and so on. I decide cost is the most important criteria for one cruise, so I give it a 9. I decide that destination is the most import criteria for another cruise, so I give it a 9. Cabin location isn't that important to me, so I give it 5 for all three cruise lines.

Now, I rank my choices from top to bottom, starting with cost, as the most important requirement, followed by destination as the second most important requirement and so on. I do that for each of my cruise lines.

Finally, MyDecider takes over and comes up with a percentage based on the weighted and ranked criteria. The option closest to 100 percent is the best choice.

I didn't find using MyDecider intuitive. The instructions on the app description page and the app help screen do not jive. I had difficulty figuring out how to rank my criteria for each of my choices. MyDecider can't account for the shades of gray that often go into decision-making. If there is more than one person involved with a decision, and each has his or her agenda, it's had to imagine MyDecider would be suitable in a case like that.

On the plus side, the developers took an active interest in helping me sort through some of the problems I encountered without my having to say I planned to review MyDecider. I'm convinced that if you need help, you're going to get it, and get it right away. That's pretty rare these days.

Bottom line, MyDecider worked well enough, but not for my needs. I'll stick to pencil and paper for now.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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