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myEye - Interactive Eye + 2of6 matching game (AppStore Link)
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myEye - Interactive Eye + 2of6 matching game
Developer: Grant Adam
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myeye iphone appIf you like being watched (oh, we know you're out there), here's some good news for you: myEye, the first application from Jelly Biscuits, gives you the opportunity to have a big animated eyeball right on your iPhone. Hooray?

In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that when I first opened up myEye, I gasped in horror. I think it's incredibly creepy-looking. However, in the time I've spent checking it out, it does seem to do all things it promises, so I'm going to set aside my fear and talk about the positives.

myEye has a number of actions that you can try on the eye (there's a video demo on Jelly Biscuit's website). They range from simply making the eye follow your finger's path (while touching the phone, that is — from what I can tell, it can't actually see you) to what the application calls the "Ask the Oracle" feature.

The "Ask the Oracle" feature is, for all intents and purposes, an oversimplified Magic 8 Ball. Hold three fingers over the eye on your iPhone screen, formulate a question in your mind, and the eye responds by moving quickly up and down for "yes," or side to side for "no."

myEye also allows users to spin the eye in its socket with a flick of their finger, poke the eye and watch it blink, and slide two fingers over it to "put it to sleep." Shaking the iPhone makes the eye dizzy.

Beyond the available actions, myEye has a color editing mode (tap the upper-right corner of the screen to get to it) that allows users to adjust the color of the iris, pupil, the skin surrounding the eye, etc. There's also a randomizing button, if you just can't decide for yourself.

myEye works well, and it's easy enough to use. Unfortunately, it's not really very entertaining. Aside from finding it creepy, I also found that it got boring pretty quickly. Perhaps future updates will allow for more interesting features.

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  • Matt S.

    Cool App! You could take a screen shot of this app and make funny goofy looking eyes with this application:

    MyEyes for iPhone.