MyM Link Up: Sliding Tile Puzzle Game Offers Choice for Scenery

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

MyM Link Up game for iPhone screenshotMyM Link Up by Me YuMe is a pretty fun little puzzle game that is simple yet challenging at the same time. The concept is straightforward: move tiles around to form matching vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of four or more and once in place the lines will disappear. While you try to arrange the tiles into lines, more tiles will appear with each move. The goal to is to try and stay in the game as long as possible, getting as many lines as you can before the screen becomes so full of tiles that you can no longer move them.

With Mym Link Up there are also various themes to the levels each with corresponding backdrops, tile designs, and music. Some of these themes include Underwater, Jungle, and Dungeon but you will be able to unlock more the farther you move through the game.

Just in time for the holidays there is also a Christmas version of Mym Link Up that you can play. The Christmas themed game is just like the other themes with its corresponding tile designs and holiday music. Unfortunately, once you choose to use either the regular or the Christmas version of MyM Link Up you are stuck with that version and the only way to use the other one is to delete the app and download it all over again.

In each of the levels with in Mym Link Up there are special pieces available that can be matched with any of the other tiles to help you stay in the game longer. On the other hand, there are also tiles that will appear with numbers on them that count down from 10-0 with each move you make. When they get to zero they will "lock" and you won't be able to move them. Once they have locked you can still clear them, you just have to bring matching tiles to wherever the locked tiles are in order to form your line.

With five levels of difficulty ranging from Beginner to Xtreme, MyM Link Up lets you make your game as easy or as challenging as you like. As far as sound goes, you have some choices too. You can turn off both kinds of game sounds individually — the game play sounds (i.e. the sound the tile makes when you move it), and the background music — and there is even a way to play Mym Link Up using your own music. There are also two different ways to move the tiles: "drag and drop" and "touch and go."

On the whole Mym Link Up is easy to play and pretty addicting. If you like puzzle games and are looking to pass the time with something fairly mindless but non-the-less entertaining then Mym Link Up is a good fit for you.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Scott

    Since the review we have published version 1.1 of MyM Link Up which addresses Allison's concern over not being able to deactivate the Christmas theme. Well, now you can, from the options menu you can choose to enable or disable the Christmas theme.

    In addition we have added a hint feature that will show a possible move if you're a bit stuck and can't see the wood for the trees.

    Finally, some really good news! we've lowered the price to 99c!

  • Tuan

    We just release new version 1/2 which is:
    - Show Available Moves: hold down on a piece for a couple of seconds all valid moves will be revealed.
    - More Frequent Bombs
    - Super Combo is less challenging; we've made it easier for beginners to earn super combos.