MyNetDiary: Portrait of a Profitable 3 Person App Startup


Mynetdiary weight loss

One of the things that interests us the most at AppCraver is understanding what it takes to build a successful startup in the new App Store ecosystem. One such startup is New Jersey based 4technologies, makers of "MyNetDiary", a $9 a month weight loss app that we covered in the MyNetDiary post.

MyNetDiary was developed by a pair of Russian Java programmers, whose main goal was to create a product that "didn't suck". Inspired by Google Maps and other web applications, they decided to leave the hard core software IDE world behind and develop a consumer website, and an iPhone application for weight loss.

"My Net Diary" sells for $9 a month, and requires a credit card. Furthermore, the company does not store your credit card for privacy purposes. In spite of this, Serguei Orechko, CEO, claims (and I believe) that the startup is profitable and growing. It appears that people will pay for quality. This formula: 1 or 2 developers, low costs, and 1 support person seems to be the winning combo for the App Store, circa 2008.

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  • Tyler Durden

    MyNetDiary is a great app for someone who is serious about maintaining a proper diet. It all depends on the dedication that each user has towards their diet. This app is simply a tool for better health, but if you don't use the tool properly it's pointless.