MyPaint2: Set Your Inner Picasso Free


Doodle or scribble much? MyPaint2, from My Media, is a neat little app for doodling and scribbling notes. You can start with a blank canvas or a photo from your camera roll.

Tap the color picker, use the sliders to fine tune your color if you want. Go back to the main menu and use the pair of sliders to set your pen width and the softness of the color you plan to use.

Tap the screen and start laying down your lines. For fine work, you can zoom in. Use the variable-width eraser or the undo button to wipe out mistakes. When you're satisfied with your great work, upload the photo to save it. While you're at the My Media site you can also look at the work of other MyPaint2 Picassos.

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  • mark

    The app is now .99 cents. It's no longer free

  • TA

    It is now $1.99