MyPlaylists: Control How You Listen to Your Music

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

myplaylists-iphone-appIn spite of Apple's rumblings about duplicating functionality, every so often an app squeezes by that seems remarkably similar to the built-in apps that come installed on every iPhone.

MyPlaylists is one of those apps. The app plays music and lets you browse your music library to create new playlists. The big difference between MyPlaylists and the iPod app already installed is that users can create unlimited new playlists — rather than one very limited "on-the-go" playlist.

It's a straightforward process — how hard can it be to build a list of favorite songs. Use MyPlaylists to create a brand new playlist or import and modify a previously-made playlist from your library. You'll have access to all the songs in your library and can add or delete them from the current list by tapping the +/- button. Making a new set in MyPlaylists works much the same way as creating an On-the-Go playlist.

You can play your new playlist by tapping any song to start the music, just like in Apple's iPod app. Once the music starts, the difference between MyPlaylists and the built-in iPod is nearly undetectable. You can set your songs to shuffle or repeat and use all of the tools you're used to because the music is playing through the built-in iPod. Your new playlist will even continue playing after you quit the app.

MyPlaylists doesn't offer much in the way of innovation. Anyone familiar with iTunes, iPods and iPhones likely knows how to create a playlist. There's nothing cutting edge about creating them with MyPlaylists.

The big deal with MyPlaylists is that it offers the ability to edit your current playlists while away from your computer. Also, while users are limited to a single "On-the-Go" playlist, MyPlaylists lets music fans create as many new playlists as they want. For folks that keep a lot of music on their phone, there's a certain amount of freedom in being able to mix up a quick set whenever the mood strikes.

The big downside is that music sets created in MyPlaylists are only available from within the app. They won't sync with iTunes and can't be chosen from within the iPod app. This isn't a big deal most of the time. But if you do happen to create the perfect playlist, you'll have to do it again in iTunes if you want to listen to it on your computer.

Graphically, MyPlaylists is "pretty ok." Again, it's nearly identical to using the built-in iPod Library — except for a spelling error on one of the buttons. Using this app will feel familiar and there's virtually no learning curve.

Whether or not you need MyPlaylists is a personal choice. I like the musical freedom of creating multiple playlists on-the-go and the ability to quickly delete that one NSFW song from my otherwise awesome playlist. If these are features that you find yourself needing then it's easily worth a few bucks.

(*Editor's note: MyPlaylists is currently on sale for $0.99. So, if you're on the fence buy it now.)

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    MyPlaylists: Control How You Listen to Your Music

  • AlliPhoneAppsReview

    It's good to know that this app allows us to create unlimited playlist. I am sick of the on-the-go playlist and stuck with very few collection.

  • gordon asper

    Check out this app, it creates playlists based on beats per minute.