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MySpace junkies knew it was only a matter of time before the folks over at MySpace HQ brought the infamous social networking site to iPhone. Download MySpace Mobile and log in and the first thing you’ll notice is its lightning fast. Anything you touch in the app loads pretty darn quickly. Tap on any picture and you’ll see that the picture quality is stunning. You may also notice you’re not forced to deal with any of those pesky ads that normally flash all over the screen.

MySpace Mobile not only lets you check your mail, accept and deny friend requests, check out your friends and update your photos but it lets you search for people and update your profile all on the go. MySpace Mobile does many of the things the desktop version does without all the spam and even does a few more things. For instance, if you tap the photo icon you’re taken to your profile photo albums. Tap “add photos” and you’re given the option to add from your phone library or snap an instant shot with your iPhone to add to your profile.

The visual interface is clean and uncluttered and impersonal which for MySpace users might be a little off putting since many users spend hours customizing their pages. You won’t be able to see any of the infamous slide shows or music videos or jukeboxes many users splash on their pages either. Users may also be disappointed in the fact that while they are able to leave comments on pages and in photo albums they are currently unable to see any on the page.

If you use Myspace as an instant messaging program you’re out of luck, you’ll just have to send a traditional email using the program instead. MySpace Mobile is so user friendly and fast it almost makes us wish the desktop version were this easy to use and this clean looking and visually appealing. MySpace Mobile is currently a free download in the App Store.

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