Myths Busted! - Fun Trivia Inspired by TV Show


myths busted iphoneInspired by the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, Myths Busted! is a fun trivia game, which lets you test your knowledge on the accuracy of many well-known urban myths. Mike Shilinski, developer of apps like Birthdays!, ContactGrouper, or Dark Box, has applied the idea behind the fun TV show to the iPhone and has created a good addition to the trivia games available on the platform.

Myths Busted consists of over 500 trivia questions, some of which are variations on the same myth. All of the questions are based on the TV show, which set out to confirm or invalidate urban myths and the app will have free updates with further episodes of the show being aired. The way Myths Busted! works is fairly simple. You read the question and choose one of three options —confirmed, plausible, or busted. The plausible option is a little bit of a let-down since most users are looking for a definitive answer in a trivia game. But since the game is based on actual events, some myths have to stay categorized as a possibility rather than a fact.

Based on time and accuracy, the player can collect "myth bucks" and compare scores through online leaderboards. The familiarity and outrageous nature of some myths make this a fun game and not only fans of the TV show will enjoy playing Myths Busted! either alone or with a group of friends.

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  • DexMex77892

    I love that show Myth Busters! I always catch it on after work and it keeps me entertained when I don't want to use my brain any longer haha

  • rxCaptain

    How can this app be played with a group of friends? Online?

  • DominoFect

    The discovery channel is the best channel available today. It's all about Survivor man!

  • Anna Axster

    No online features on this app. Playing with a group of friends is just like old school trivia where you read the question out loud and everyone gets to guess.