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Ransom Letters - Picture Messages
Developer: More Blu Sky
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nabbed iphone appUsing hundreds of letters cut from magazines, Nabbed from More Blu Sky is a creative way to add captions to your photos.

I am not sure how Nabbed chose its app name, but perhaps it is because the letters look like a ransom note when they are used to make words to add to your photos.  With Nabbed, you can use a picture currently in your iPhone library, or take a new one.  You can rearrange the words once you have typed them so you can choose their placement aesthetically.

Nabbed is cool to use as is, but it needs some tweaking.  Nabbed cannot view photos in landscape (horizontal) position.  When you save an altered photo with Nabbed, the image is saved in portrait (vertical) format, which leaves awkward white borders on all pictures that were originally landscape-style.

I would also appreciate it if Nabbed included the ability to re-size letters and angle words.  You can shake the phone to get different styles of letters, but you cannot individually change the letter sizes.  To make a word appear to be at an angle, you have to type the individual letters with spaces between them as if each letter was a word, and then line up the letters on an angle.

Another critical missing feature from Nabbed is punctuation marks and numbers.  If More Blu Sky took the time to cut out 260 letters from magazines, why stop there?  Grab those scissors!  Without question marks, exclamation points and numbers, it feels like Nabbed was released prematurely.

Used creatively, Nabbed can be an art form unto itself.  The concept behind Nabbed is good.  With an update that includes the suggestions above, Nabbed will be great.

Image Gallery: Ransom Letters - Picture Messages

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  • Michael from More Blu Sky

    I would like to start off by thanking you for the wonderful review! It was completely unexpected and we are thrilled that you liked the app!

    I would like to touch a few points for the readers! We will be updating Nabbed every week with everything from more letters/numbers/punctuation to new features!

    We actually already added punctuation and number to the app. This update is sitting over at Apple as we speak and it adds over 100 new letters along with numbers and limited punctuation! More to come soon!

    Pinch to scale the letters is already up and running and is being tested as we speak. Landscape (horizontal) will be available shortly also.

    Now for the exciting stuff! After we get those updates out we are going to add direct to flickr upload, facebook connect, and Twitpic support!

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to email them to us using the email provided in Nabbed!

    Thank you again and we hope everyone enjoys the app as much as we enjoyed creating it!



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