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nabbit-iphone-appWe've all been there. A great song comes on the radio, but the DJ won't tell you anything about it. Nabbit tries to solve this by giving the artist and song on nearly 2,500 radio stations. While not as sleek as grabbing music over-the-air as the super popular Shazam, it offers some nice features to find out what is popular and currently playing on the radio.

With Nabbit even if you're so busy rockin'out that you forget to hold your phone to the speakers you can still find down the track info. The app provides a playlist of what is playing now and what played recently. Nabbit's other claim to fame is that it's for more than just music —you can also tag ads and make purchases from select Nabbit partners.

The interface is pretty easy to use, given that it looks like a car radio with pre-select dials. You can program stations that you want to check in on regularly. Nabbit can choose your location using GPS or you can establish it manually (works great if you are in a music-poor town and would rather check out Los Angeles stations). By tapping through the dials you can peruse what is playing at the moment. If you really love a particular song and must have it now then tap the link to iTunes where you can listen to an excerpt and then make a purchase. If you want to find out what is popular with other Nabbit users, then there is the Top Nabs section. There is a rundown here of frequently "nabbed" songs.

There are a variety of  social networking opportunities available within Nabbit; some not yet found inside the iPhone app. On the Nabbit web page is a link to share music through not only Facebook but Twitter and Jott (Facebook integration is available within the Nabbit iPhone app).

In all Nabbit has strong integration with social networking and makes it quite easy to grab a new song. Its only weakness probably comes from its strong design: when looking at that radio-like interface you just want the songs to play. The technology is probably pretty difficult to pull off, but if Nabbit could stream all the radio stations it has access to, it would be more amazing than Last.Fm or Pandora. Nabbit will certainly be an app for music lovers to keep an eye on.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    Whoever took that pic has great taste in music. Linkin Park pwns (at least their first two albums did..)

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    AppCraver named the Nabbit iPhone app a "Best Free App" and "Editor's Pick"

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    Nice review of our iPhone app yesterday on

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    I Cant Hear The Music Doese It Not Play The Songs? OMG !!!