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Developer: The Next Web Holding B.V.
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nameoiPhone has created a tremendous platform for developers to create apps that are fun, useful or just plain entertaining. Occasionally, there is an application that underwhelms even the most loyal iPhone enthusiasts. This week it's called Nameo. Nameo is a new app that is supposed to help iPhone users exchange virtual business cards. Here's how it works—once you're connected Nameo scours the area for users who can receive a vCard. Simple enough, right?

The downsides:

1. In order to receive the vCard the user must have already installed Nameo.

2. The application only transfers a limited amount of data; name, email and phone number. That's it! Nameo currently doesn't allow users to send photos, music, ringtones or documents.

3. Even less charming is the fact that it's not even free! You'll have to pony up 99 cents for this winner.

The most glaring fault of Nameo is that it clearly doesn't utilize widely available technology. iPhone's are already equipped with SMS and Bluetooth. After taking a great deal of public heat, the developer Meganova BV has said publicly they have every intention of "sprucing" up the application by adding more features. However, it might be too little too late.

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  • brilliant minds

    I think that this app could have been thought out a little better. You can't possibly expect every person to have this application for it to work. Issen made some great points, I probably would have given Nameo a similar rating.

  • anna smith

    I rate this dog a ZERO out of ten. What could possibly be the point???