Joost: Naughty App Makes it Through to the App Store

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Joost app for iPHoneJoost - Apple's very obscure terms and conditions for app developers has been a hot topic. The lack of transparency in the certification process has been known to be confusing, frustrating and a heated point of dispute. However, there are some rules that are pretty clear-cut such as Apple's "family friendly content" policy. They've been diligent about making sure most developers adhere to the rules, too — giving the South Park app a hard time for content, and yanking apps such as Murderdome.

At times though, it seems Apples has ignored their own standards. The most current app to bend the rules has not only gotten past Apple's content filter, it has possibly violated the largest no-no within the App Store.

We talked earlier this week about popular online video portal Joost. It seems there is more the story. Joost offers free iphone porn and plenty of it. In fact, there is an entire section within Joost just for "Sexy Clips" that has videos any young male would drool over and watch with the door shut.

And it doesn't stop there. The folks at Joost also have inserted naughty language to accompany the strictly men-tertaining video, and have a separate section in the app with free full-length movies. Isn't that considered direct competition with Apple's iTunes movie store?

The best scenario we can hope for is that the folks at Apple let this one slip through the cracks.  There will probably be enough smoke over the next few days that Apple will act in a fair and expeditious manner. If they don't they will no doubt have a lot of developers with crossed arms and frowns screaming "Bloody Murder!"

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Sammy Chen

    amazing. i will have to check this one out

  • Sieber

    Nothing to see here, pass on !

  • Antonio

    Personally i think you're being way to critical, i checked out the app and thre was no "porn" but merely females in swimming attire. This shouldn't be a big deal since iTunes itself self Sports Illustrated Bikini model clips

  • Chris

    I got the Joost app and noticed a few videos with "adult" content, but no big deal, and nothing that you can't find on the internet in a couple minutes. I think the app should have a "NSFW" label or something but shouldn't be yanked. Apple could easily implement a filter that would not include NSFW apps like this in the app store that parents could set for their kids, but most iPhone users are over 18 anyway. This will be made a big deal I'm sure, and it really shouldn't be.

  • Berto

    There are pros and cons. The more smut Apple ignores, the more problematic it becomes from a business standpoint. However, remember that over 43 billion dollars a year is smut - someone out there is buying and buying. I personally think that everything on TV and cable should be allowed - especially the South Park app! Are you listening Apple?

  • TheRealGomez

    The South Park app, that one totally escaped my mind. I wish Apple would let that one pass through.

  • paco3791

    Looks like they ditched any content that was "questionable". granted I didn't see what they had on there before today but from the description above I'd say its been cut back alot, only thing I saw in this category is some victoria secret runway show type stuff, probably not even "R" rated.

  • eric

    id have to say it was kinda pornographic. i downloaded it in the... middle of december i believe, and there was nudity and lots of sexual clips and stuff. i didnt like the app much, because most of the stuff you could get even better on youtube, so i deleted it a while ago


    Are there people actually complaining about adult content? Come on guys. It's not like a 10 year old should have an iPod Touch or iPhone anyway.

  • JohnMoe

    I think they pulled the adult content off. I couldn't find any porn clips in the app now. I guess I just have to head over to when I need to what some porn on my iphone now.

  • Harreth

    Actual porn video apps gonna rule long term.
    Porn tube apps like already here.

  • bobby

    it has zero porn/soft porn. ridiculus app