NBA Game Time Ready for Playoffs

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nba game time iphone appAs the NBA playoffs begin a new iPhone app makes it easier to get quick updates on the scores and standings. NBA Game Time, first released near the end of the regular season, was recently tweaked with an update to focus on the playoffs. It is worth downloading if you are an avid NBA fan and want access to scores and info with just one tap on your iPhone/iPod touch. However, a few shortcomings keep NBA Game Time from being in the top tier of applications.

Overall NBA Game Time performs well for keeping track of game updates, scores, and the playoff brackets. When opening NBA Game Time there are options for checking not only today's scores but those of yesterday and tomorrow's scheduled games. A red number icon indicates if any games are currently playing live. And clearly the networks that cover the NBA had a hand in this app — as there is a section that details which networks are carrying live games.

What you may use the most is the gametracker which keeps tally of the score and stats for a game. Unfortunately NBA Game Time does not update the stats and scores in real time. Updates come sporadically. After waiting a while you may get frusrated and just close out of the game and re-enter. The game screen also offers an option to view player stats for each team. But you better like them — they stay within view the rest of the time once opened.

The schedule link lets you pick a date and see which games are scheduled for that day; useful if you want to know which time to make that dentist appointment and not interfere with the Lakers.

There is also a complete playoff bracket. But when firing it up don't be confused by the enormous NBA Finals logo that appears. Simply swipe to the left or right to see a complete rundown of the brackets and where each series stands. It illustrates the point that there is a lot of potential, but quite a few peculiarities that need fixing before NBA Game Time can be considered a great app.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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