Nebula - Relax with Fractals is Lost in SpaceNebula – Relax with Fractals

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Nebula Relax with Fractals iPhoneWhat are fractals? I have no idea. Are they be relaxing? Nebula - Relax with Fractals proves that they are.

It has been about twenty years since my last math or physics class, so I looked up fractals on the web. What I sort of understand is that fractals are geometric shapes that are split or repeated, and that fractals can be used to create an image with infinitely changing colors, shapes and light.

The groovy graphics of the Nebula – Relax with Fractals app are created — surprise — with fractals.

Nebula – Relax with Fractals, made by developer Darren McKie, looks like a continually evolving outer space galaxy on your iPhone screen. The user can add stars by tapping the iPhone or dragging a finger across the screen. The stars then slowly fade. You can adjust the rate of color changes, the nebula speed and the smoothness of the nebula, making it more or less pixelated. You can also listen to your own music while you play. The result is a dynamic, mind-altering image that is relaxing.

However, Nebula – Relax with Fractals lacks substance. Compared with a similar app, Galactica, Nebula – Relax with Fractals is in kindergarten and Galactica has a PhD. The multi-sensory Galactica is transporting. Galactica offers phenomenal music and utilizes the iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities so the user can create more complex unearthly experiences.

In comparison, Nebula – Relax with Fractals feels one-dimensional. Math geeks will appreciate the use of fractals to create a visually pleasing nebula, but everyone else should consider purchasing Galactica for a more stimulating experience.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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