Net Comics Isn't Funny Enough, Yet


net-comics-webcomics-feed-rss-iphoneNet Comics from developer Tweedle Works, shows lots of promise, but at the moment, I doubt many App Store customers who download the app will think it’s worth $3.99.

Net Comics routes RSS and feeds from Webcomics cartoons to your iPhone and iPod touch. Webcomics are self-published comics and they range from comic strips to graphic novels and they cover a wide variety of topics and styles. According to Wikipedia, more than 18,000 Webcomics are available online. Few are financially self-sustaining, according to the entry.

Because the cartoonists featured in Net Comics are not up against the same limits as newspapers and other G-rated media, some Net Comics downloaders will likely often see  PG-13 rated material and above, Tweedle Works warns in it’s App Store description. Of the Webcomics I viewed in this app, none of the material was objectionable. That may have more to do with the small number of Webcomics the app provides than the comics themselves, however.

The problem with Net Comics in version 1.0  is that it feeds the user only four Webcomics strips. They are XKCD, Penny Arcade, PvP Online, Dinosaur Comics and Snowflakes.  You can see only two daily strips of each, which makes eight in all. At about $0.50 a comic, that’s awfully steep. Tweedle says there will be many more Web Comics to come but I don’t think this is the time to buy it.

I thought the strips I read were funny and a couple of them are already familiar. In fact, the content was perfectly fine. It’s the low number of them that’s the issue.

Other than a handful of comics, there’s not much more to Net Comics. There’s an up and down arrow to page through each strip and a left and right arrow to page through each day. You can view strips in portrait and landscape mode (you'll be using landscape mode nearly all the time).

I’ll have to assume that as more Webcomics are available through Net Comics, its interface will become more polished and updates with better navigation features.

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  • Pinkelman

    This sounds like the already existing iPhone app Kapow Comic Reader, but then more expensive and with less comics.

  • Goober


    Several days before you published this, version 2 of this app became available. It has a lot more webcomics.

    And you obviously don't read Penny Arcade. They drop the F-bomb on a regular basis.