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neu.draw-ipadThose who want a more complex drawing experience should give neu.Draw a try. This is not just another app for doodling or making casual pictures. From the same developers that brought us neu.Notes, this iPad app is designed for those who want to create vector drawings with a high level of precision.

The controls are designed to be finger-friendly, though it won't hurt to check out the available hints and tutorial to become familiar with all everything that neu.Draw can do. For example, those who are used to using two fingers to rotate an object in Pages or other apps will instead have to re-train themselves to do this differently. Rotating and other manipulations of graphics are done through tapping one of the many symbols that surrounds each of the objects or photos.

A horizontal or complete grid can be added to the background for those who want precise placement with their objects. A number of templates are also available for those who may want a bit of inspiration to get started.

Once you start drawing you'll find that neu.Draw has multiple options for arrows, lines, shapes, and other additions to illustrate a project. There are nearly limitless ways to customize the drawing and add various design elements in neu.Draw. A color pallette is available for adding splashes of color to the lines, shapes and other design elements. You can also include your own photos saved on the iPad and draw on or add other elements to them.

Some of the neu.Draw's user interface still is a bit difficult to manipulate. For example, you have to alternate between tapping on a tiny pointer or hand icon depending on how you want to manipulate the images. It also may take some time to get used to all the different ways you can pull, stretch, and turn the different shapes on the screen.

While vector-drawing apps such as neu.Draw are very specialized when compared to other drawing apps, those looking for this type of application will probably like what they see. The quirkiness of the mouse/hand clicking does take a bit to get used to, but overall it's a good experience for those trying to make vector illustrations come to life on an iPad.

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