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The New York Times Crossword
Developer: The New York Times Company (iDP)
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new york times crosswords daily 2009 iPhone appDoing the daily crossword puzzle is a ritual for many. New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 brings it to your iPhone so you don't have to wait for the daily paper to arrive. If you are a crossword fan, this is probably something you will want and enjoy on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Working the controls takes a bit getting used to, but they are quite effective considering a half-page crossword and clues are being shrunk onto the iPhone screen. Spend some time playing around a bit to get used to how to fill in answers for "across" and "down."

To download and work through the puzzles in New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009, you will need to create an account with Magmic Inc., which can be done from the options menu. Tapping on a portion of the puzzle brings up the clue — which will indicate if it is "across" or "down." There are also left and right arrows on either side of the screen to sort through the puzzle. To enter an answer, tap on the proper space and type it in with the virtual keyboard.

The options menu in New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 is worth playing around with due to the many extras that are included. The first item you will probably want to change is the annoying music that plays the entire time unless it is turned off. There are also some sound effects — though these are far more tolerable. In the options there is the opportunity to be taken to the New York Times mobile site or to view other games from Magmic.

The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 is one of the better ones available in the App Store. Given its price tag you may only be interested if you are a true crossword puzzle fan. But if you are, then prepare for as many puzzles as you can handle.

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