Newton's Cradle: Business-Savvy Bodies in Motion

Newton's Cradle Classic Megamind Edition (AppStore Link)
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Newton's Cradle Classic Megamind Edition
Developer: Enabled Solutions Pty Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

newtons cradle iphoneThe original Newton's Cradle is a series of metal balls, usually five, hung within a frame by wires or rods that demonstrates the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy.

Working the devise is simple, just pull one of the end balls away from the rest and then let it go. As it hits the remaining balls, the ball on the opposite end will shoot out the other side, only to come back and cause the first ball to be knocked away. The same happens with two balls when lifted and dropped: when they hit the remaining balls, two balls on the opposite end go flying. In fact, any number of balls dropped will force that same number of balls to be knocked out the other side.

It is in this concept, the visual demonstration of bodies in motion, that the heart of the fun lies. In fact, watching the behavior of the balls as some are dropped from different heights or at different times is of such intrigue that Newton's Cradle has effectively established itself as one of the few toys to gain exclusive status as an executive toy.

Now, thanks to Enabled Solutions you can add that extra touch of professionalism to any workplace setting using your iPhone or iPod touch. From coffee shops to cubicles, with an app like Newton's Cradle you can give any engagement that added air of expertise. With just the simple dragging and dropping of a ball, you can click your way through any meeting with upper management style written all over you. Or, should you find yourself in a less than enjoyable discussion with a long winded fellow colleague, or anyone else for that matter, Newton's Cradle affords you a straightforward way of concluding the conversation in a manner reflecting only the highest of business-savvy skills. Simply take out your iPhone, prop it up on the table for all to see, drag out a ball, and let Newton's Cradle ask, "How many clicks does it take to get to the center of an argument?"

Even if you are not someone into flashing the hottest executive accessories, Newton's Cradle can still provide endless fun and may even teach you a little something about objects in motion and the mysterious laws that govern them. At the moment there is even a Valentines Day edition where instead of five metal balls the screen displays five red hearts that spell "I (heart) YOU." So, if you are looking for a low cost way to get those special feelings across to that special someone, or if you want to dress your desk to impress, Newton's Cradle is both free and effective, personally and professionally.

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