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Night Eyes - Spy Camera for iPhone and iPad (AppStore Link)
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Night Eyes - Spy Camera for iPhone and iPad
Developer: Nico Schroeder
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Night Vision EyesYou don’t have to be a photography expert to appreciate the idea of an app designed to take better pictures with your iPhone in low-light or night time settings. Night Vision Eyes is labeled as the “Spy camera for iPhone and iPad” and attempts to deliver the capability of inconspicuously taking low-light photos. This is accomplished by the use of complicated algorithms and complex lighting theories, but what most users are likely interested in in is how well it performs.

Night Vision Eyes has some unique features. A histogram displaying real-time luminescence is visible in the upper right hand corner of the camera app. It’s a cool feature to be sure, but only serious photography hobbyists and professionals are likely to recognize its function or apply it to their purposes. Nonetheless, if you become familiar with it, it is a tool that can aid in low-light composition with Night Vision Eyes. Other features include 2x, 4x and 10x zoom, seven color filter effects and it supports both rear and front facing cameras.

Despite its concepts and executions, for the average iPhone photographer Night Vision Eyes may not accomplish much in the realm of extraordinary photography. Granted it offers a better option than the native iPhone camera when it comes to low-light photography, but inconspicuousness is not synonymous with quality photos. The imagery becomes grainy, especially in 10x zoom, and the luminescence histogram and actual display screen seem to be out of sync due to lagging in the view finder. Depending on the actual lighting available, a quality image without the flash is simply impossible regardless of the algorithm applied.

If you’re thinking you can use Night Vision Eyes as a spy-cam, think again. Some natural lighting is going to be required to retain an image with any detail at all and frankly, the iPhone camera isn’t equipped with the same technology as true night vision, thus the name may be misleading to some consumers. Yet, for the purposes of experimenting with photography in different lighting, Night Vision Eyes does offer some value, though none that are exclusive or entirely unachievable with other camera apps. Essentially, it’s a camera app intentionally designed for low-light and value priced at .99 because it has limited and particular functions.

Those who want to try snapping a few photos in less-than-ideal lighting conditions may have some fun experimenting with Night Vision Eyes. Any disappointment factor will be directly proportionate to the expectation because in reality what you will be getting is a value priced camera app that affords some additional photographic abilities not found in the native iPhone camera. Stellar photos are going to be a challenge and you certainly won’t be the James Bond of photographers, but Night Vision Eyes may provide a few shots that are fun to take and import into your favorite photo editing apps.

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