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Night Vision
Developer: Kirill Satchkov
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Kirill Satchkov's Night Vision app is a nifty piece of work, although it's not very practical. Even so, I give it points for its entertainment value.

As you might suspect from its title, Night Vision is intended to enhance the details of objects in photos taken in low-light. The app maps the image to a green spectrum, evidently the most sensitive spectrum for the eye can see. At least that's how Satchkov explains it.

If you've ever seen images viewed through night vision goggles, you'll get the idea.

To my eyes, Night Vision eliminates certain colors and boosts the contrast of the objects in the image, thus making them appear sharper.

If you look at the three images above, from left to right are: the original photo, taken with the iPhone's built-in camera and two of Night Vision's four picture-amplification modes. You can see more details using Night Vision than the first image. You might find everything else in the image a bit odd.

Launch Night Vision, choose one of four light-amplification modes and snap away. If the picture suits you, tap one of four icons at the bottom of the screen and the app processes the image and stows it in your Photo Album. You also have a copy of the original so you can compare the two.

Just how useful you'll find the images you can take with Night Vision is hard to figure. I could see how someone might want to use this app in creative ways after acquiring an understanding of how well it works under varying lighting situations. Night Vision is only $0.99, so it's worth a try if any of this sounds appealing to you.

Personally, I had fun trying Night Vision in a variety of low-light conditions, ranging from complete darkness (which doesn't work) to a darkened room illuminated by a small lamp, which is how I shot those pictures above.

Night Vision is filed under Entertainment in the App Store, which is just the place for it.

The only other app I've looked at that promises to enhance the quality of your images in low light is Sudobility's Night Camera and that app and this one are as different as (wait for it) night and day. Night Camera uses the iPhone's accelerometer to detect when you're holding the camera steady and then allows you to take your snapshot.

Image Gallery: Night Vision

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  • exNewt

    I'm almost done replacing my Palm with an iPhone for an auditing tool. I use Night Camera for when you have to take a photo in low-light situations; works fantastic.

  • iphone app reviews

    This app is a lifesaver, even though it is only even in existence due to Apples unbelievable choice to leave a flash off the iPhone. While it does not manage to make up for that absence, it does provide a nice ability to take a decent picture in a situation where otherwise may have just snapped an image of utter blackness or impenetrable darkness.