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Nighty Night! HD - The bedtime story app for children (AppStore Link)
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Nighty Night! HD - The bedtime story app for children
Developer: Fox and Sheep GmbH
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Nighty Night HD - Winter SpecialThis is the perfect time of year for snuggling up with little ones and a great bed time story makes winter evenings all the more special. If you missed Nighty Night HD – Winter Special, a “Books” category App of the Year last year, then definitely check it out this season. A soothing, but entirely delightful, interactive bed time story app, Nighty Night HD has been recently updated for optimal performance and is perfect for the holiday season and beyond. Featuring a sleepy little town at the end of the day, where everyone is turning off the lights, Nighty Night HD – Winter Special focuses on a single residence where the lights are turned off one by one and the inhabitants are bid “good night”.

Nighty Night HD – Winter Special is everything an interactive story app should be. It is engaging, well-narrated and has multiple levels of interaction – both the kind that progress the story and the kind that simply amuse and entertain young children. The animation is sweet and the overall combination of sounds and visuals is calming – making it a good bedtime choice.

The original Nighty Night HD –Winter Special storybook comes with several residents that need to go to bed. Children are encouraged to visit each one to turn out the light and say good night. There is a dog nestled in his dog house, a cow and pig in the barn and even fish in a pond. Each critter is interactive, producing two to three different animations upon touch. Other animal packs that include a pony, kittens, a rabbit, a goat, and a spider can be added to the story with additional in-app purchases.

After all the animals have been put to bed, the narrator kindly reminds listeners that there is still one more person who isn’t asleep and the story gently transitions into a firm goodnight and the screen dims. It’s such a sweet storybook app that it may be hard to deny a second run-through, but the transition from start to finish is so well-suited for bed-time that it could easily become part of the routine. Nighty Night HD – Winter Edition has no words, so if the narrator is turned off, it becomes only a series of interactive animations, so while it’s meant to be shared, pre-readers can take comfort in the interaction with or without someone to read to them.

Nighty Night HD – Winter Special has 12 different language selections and 7 default animals (with extras available for purchase). There’s even a singing snowman presenting his rendition of Jingle Bells. As lovely as the winter edition is – complete with snow fall – the best part of Nighty Night HD – Winter Special is the ability to switch to summer (turn off the snowflakes) when the days start getting longer. Though Nighty Night HD is designed for iPad, there is also an iPhone version as well.

A perfect storybook choice for the holiday season, Nighty Night HD – Winter Special will delight young children (and parents) through the holiday season and beyond. Make it a part of your bedtime ritual now and enjoy the story all year long.

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