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Nintaii iPhone app"Nintai” is Japanese for patience, perseverance and persistence. Add an “i” to the end, and you have Nintaii, a puzzle game for your iPhone that requires these three qualities.

There is something peaceful about Nintaii. Perhaps it is the soothing music and sound effects. I handed my iPhone to a friend who gets frustrated easily with puzzle games, and she could not put Nintaii down.

At the same time, Nintaii gives your brain a workout. The object of Nintaii is to move a 3D rectangular block square-by-square across a puzzle board and into a hole. You can roll the rectangle or flip it up onto its end. Some squares open pathways when you land on them; others cause obstacles to block your way. It is not dissimilar in strategy to the app Blocked.

Nintaii is like a dynamic maze. Each level challenges you to twist your mind and invent new ways of thinking when you believe you have hit a dead end. With 100 levels, it feels like you could play forever. Collectively, my friend and I got to Stage 9 the first day we played.

Though peaceful, Nintaii is not easy. The developers, Concrete Software, must know that one of the most common complaints about puzzle games is the lack of an answer key. Nintaii is yet another game with no solutions available to you if you give up. Being 3D, Nintaii might require a video answer key, but I bet there is some easier creative way a developer could walk you through the steps to the solutions. Or perhaps the whole point of Nintaii is to teach you patience and persistence by encouraging you to find the solutions on your own.

I did have a crashing problem the second time I played Nintaii. The game crashed repeatedly on every screen, but after I shut down my iPhone and restarted it, everything went smoothly again. I am guessing that Nintaii required a bit more free memory than I had on my iPhone at the time.

I recommend Nintaii for puzzle fanatics. With a little perseverance and a lot of patience, you can conquer the brain-stretching challenges of Nintaii.

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