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not-for-tourist-nft-contest-iphoneNot for Tourists is looking to promote the forthcoming launch of Not for Tourists Manhattan, NFT's first iPhone app. NFT will dish out $500 to the person who submits the best marketing video to pimp NFT's first iPhone app, the company says.

The Not For Tourists company is a collective of writers who scour major U.S. and European cities to find the best eateries, out of the way landmarks, and groovy urban hot spots and shops.

NFT says it's looking for videos with a "sense of humor to match its own warped view of reality." The videos, which contestants will submit via YouTube, must be 30 seconds to 60 seconds long.  Forget about pornographic material, but coarse language  is okay just as long as it's "not more than in Reservoir Dogs," the company says.

The winner will receive five Benjamins ($500), a set of NFT city guides, free drinks at an NFT Manhattan iPhone release party and the company's "eternal undying love and respect."

Two runners-up will receive a set of Not for Tourists guides, free drinks and a "few months undying love and respect."

The deadline is June 15. You can get more details and legalese about entering the contest and submitting a form about your video and where to find it on YouTube at Not for Tourists.

Releasing in June 2009, Not for Tourists Manhattan app will neatly fit 30 neighborhoods, more than 7,000 listings, and dozens of custom interactive maps into the iPhone and iPod touch for easy browsing anytime, the company says.

You’ll be able to search by neighborhood to find the closest place you need on the streets of Manhattan — whether it’s a hip coffee shop, power lunch spot, old-school dive bar, private library, farmers market or hotel by the hour. It's not the Yellow Pages or Yelp, NFT says. Not for Tourists Manhattan promises to deliver punchy honest descriptions that will make you laugh out loud.  All this for just $4.99.

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