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Note And Sketch
Developer: Hung Duong
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

note and sketch iphone appNote and Sketch, from developer Hung Duong, is a combo note-taking and doodling app. To say that you can use it to sketch anything worthwhile is a bit of a stretch, for reasons I'll explain later. Regardless, it doesn't do either function particularly well.

Note and Sketch's note-taking features are conventional and there's not much to them. You can enter notes, sort them by title (ascending and descending), run a search and email them.

Note and Sketch lacks a folder option, and that might be a deal breaker for many people. The default text is a bit small for my weary eyes and I would have liked to have had the option to modify the text — enlarge the type and apply boldface, italics and other fonts, perhaps. Still, Note and Sketch suits its purpose if you don't take notes all that often.

The sketching side of Note and Sketch is somewhat limited as well. You can add very simple sketches to your notes, although I'm skeptical that you can get much done that way. Note and Sketch lacks pinch and zoom, so your drawing area is extremely limited, especially if you're using a finger tip to doodle. I also tried sketching with a Pogo Stylus, which gives me better feel and more control when sketching, and I didn't do much better.

Beyond the ability to do and redo lines and delete a sketch, there's not much else to this side of Note and Sketch. If you want to export your sketch, you'll have to save it to your Camera Roll first.

I'm a fan of iPhone apps that enable me to sketch out ideas because I tend to think visually. My impression when I downloaded Note and Sketch was that I would be able to create something along the lines of a mind map app, a combination of note-taking and sketching designed for creating flow charts, diagramming ideas and the like. Every one of the apps in that genre I've looked at are superior to this one. To be fair, they are also more expensive than the $1.99 asking price for Note and Sketch.

I would be happier if Note and Sketch did one thing or the other well. It's "Jack of all trades, master of none," as my buddy Howie likes to say.

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