For Price and Value, NotePrinter is Worth a Look

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

noteprinter iphone appNotePrinter - Productivity apps are a large part of what makes the iPhone such a useful mobile device. When it comes to writing notes, the best scenario is to be able to create, store and access them from anywhere.

While there are several note taking apps available, NotePrinter by EuroSmartz Ltd. is one of the most inclusive note apps I’ve yet to run across. It has several features conducive to many personal and business tasks, including the ability to create and send formatted notes with images. You can also transfer notes to your computer or print them, providing you have a computer running WePrint helper software.

The more impressive points of NotePrinter include the ability to format and align text and images, copy and paste, and quickly insert photos. Once you write a note, you can file it in any of the default files or create your own for personalized organization. You can also utilize the secure folder, which you password protect, for storing sensitive or private information.

As far as creating notes, the onscreen keyboard of the iPhone is not the most ergonomic device, especially for those with large fingers, and is not all that helpful for creating large text documents, but quick notes are quite manageable. NotePrinter supports both portrait and landscape orientation, which in my opinion is quite useful.

After downloading NotePrinter, I gave it a once over and checked out the in-depth help section. I was able to easily add folders, create notes, format text, including bold font and left, right, and center alignment, as well as insert photos. From the main screen in  NotePrinter, you can simply touch and drag new notes into their designated folders and double tap to view. NotePrinter is very user friendly. I especially liked the ability to highlight, copy and paste text from one note to another.

The one aspect of NotePrinter that I had trouble with was emailing. When I try it, I receive a message about my SMTP server name being empty or not valid. When I check my account settings as it suggests, I see that I have a server, so I assume it is “not valid.” The help page suggests I contact my ISP provider, which if I were hell-bent on figuring this out I would do. It also noted I have the option of accessing the developer’s support page and contacting them for help. While I’m not sure why email is an issue, as I can email from numerous other apps installed on my device, I am sure with effort I could find a solution. In fact, I like using NotePrinter well enough that I am determined to find one eventually.

For the price, NotePrinter is a great value and just about as productive as a note-taking app can be. NotePrinter is both smart and user-friendly. Check out the developer’s website for multiple screen shots and detailed information. Remember that to fully utilize NotePrinter's capabilities, you will need to install WePrint and have it running on a computer on the same network your device is connected to. However, you can still create and send notes via email without it (providing your SMTP server is valid).

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Simon

    I don't know what version you reviewed, but it seems like with version 1.2.4, a problem with email is fixed. I can't copy and paste what it says but if you look under What's New in This Version, then it states something like "Problem fixed with sending emails over some servers." Just a FYI thing.