No Newbies Here — Nubi Do is Top-Notch Task Manager

Nubi Do (To-Do List / Task Manager) (AppStore Link)
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Nubi Do (To-Do List / Task Manager)
Developer: Gennubi, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

nubi do iphoneThe people at Gennubi may indeed be newbies to the development of productivity apps, however with or without any previous App Store releases their debut task manager and to do list app, Nubi Do, is evidence to the contrary. While I was a bit skeptical that an app over five bucks was going to deliver any more than the standard to-do-list fanfare, I was pleasantly surprised by Nubi Do as it delivered an appearance and functionality that demonstrates streamlined attention to detail.

I’ve tried dozens of to-do and task management apps, some falling way short of expectation and others coming close to the apex of perfection, but not quite making it. My experience has been that every person’s task management style is an individualized approach to organization and productivity. In other words, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Being a list-lover, having an app to quickly build and organize to-do lists is a must. Nubi Do keeps lists organized in the manner I want to view them, has a handy calendar view (a requirement for a successful time-management app in my opinion) and thanks to their most recent update, allows for syncing to Google docs' spreadsheets.

Nubi Do has a very clean and intuitive home screen. At a glance, you get an uncluttered view of things to do today and in the upcoming week, as well as any overdue tasks. Additionally, you can quickly discern which tasks are work related, home based or require an errand. The color scheme is customizable to help personalize visual appeal, but because it is simple and uncluttered it has visual appeal even in the default scheme.

Using Nubi Do is also appealing and doesn't require any painstaking effort or tap dancing around various buttons and screens to organize. When you think of a new task that needs done, add it to the appropriate home screen list and then tap the item to add notes, recurrences, contexts, or priority levels. Any detailed information can be saved and viewed later by tapping the note icon within each task item. If you need to create a new list, simply tap “new” from the home screen. You can also put items in alphabetical view, mark them off with one tap, quickly edit, delete or search for a task as well. Nubi Do lets you email Nubi Do also features password protection for security purposes.

Nubi Do may be on the higher end in terms of pricing for a simple task manager, but instead of spending a buck or two here and there for one that fails to provide all the features you want – like syncing, calendar view, priority assignment, and list editing – check out Nubi Do as a possible once and for all solution. The free version, Nubi Do Lite, gives you a good idea of appearance and navigation and though not fully functional because of limitations, should tell you if the Nubi Do style appeals to you.

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  • Michael

    It is unavailable in Australia at the time of this message.

  • Anonymous (:

    No Newbies Here — Nubi Do is Top-Notch Task Manager: The people at Gennubi may indeed be newbies to the developmen...

  • Matt

    It's available now in Australia, and it's free for today! (2010.08.31)

  • kyith

    the key for Nubi do is that it does have a calendar that shows due tasks on that date.

    plus it allows you to lock your application which is unique vs the competition.

    Price seem to be reduced to 4.99

    here is my take on it >>