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Number 14
Developer: Charisssa Smith
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number 14 iphone app I have been writing a bit about word games, that seems to be a popular thing for the iPhone at the moment, however Number 14 brings a number game to the iPhone. This number game is a very simple game that requires you to take the 4 numbers that are given and add, minus, multiply, or divide them in any sequence in order to end on the number 14. The game seems simple enough, but to be honest it takes some thinking to complete it properly — and you get ranked by how long it takes to solve the problem.

When you win, Number 14 shows how much time it took for you to complete the problem and you can either discard it if you're not happy or store it in the game's memory. I like this feature because you don't have to waste pointless memory space unless you are proud enough of your time and want to record it. The info section shows what Number 14 is about and how it should be played along with a sample problem.

What surprised me most about Number 14 is that it was developed by middle school student Jeffrey Barg. This young man learned to program iPhone apps and made a game called Nim that was inspired by his middle school math teacher. Now he has moved on to developing Number 14 and I must say it is a very impressive concept. When I was in middle school all I was worried about was hanging out with my friends and chasing around the middle school girls —  writing a software program never crossed my mind. I'm sure we are going to see more from this young app developer as the years go by.

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  • Yaro

    This is the best game i hav evr gottn 4 the i phone... u no i mean its just so kool WOOOT IM OBSESSED

  • monkey mann

    c'est- incroyable- my heart fell for this middle school macho the minute i laid eyes on number 14!

  • Barg’s Stand Partner

    Very good app. played the beta on Barg's iPhone a lot :D