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Numbers to 1 - Brain Puzzle
Developer: sander de boer
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numbers to 1 iphoneNumbers to 1 is a logic puzzle game for both the iPhone or the iPod touch that has some enjoyable components, but you must really enjoy number puzzles to enjoy the game. It is a blend of Traffic Jam and basic subtraction that may seem confusing at first, but given a chance, isn't all that bad.

It’s difficult to explain Numbers to 1, but the basic idea is to convert all the numbers within each square of a grid to one, while rearranging them to leave the only open space in the lower right hand corner.

You can begin the game with various sized grids from 4x4 to 8x8. There is always one open space and you play by tapping a number within the row or column that contains the empty square. If you are making a valid move, the number will subsequently move to the open space and subtract the total of the numbers it moves over. If you can convert all the numbers to 1 and move the empty square to the bottom right corner, you clear the level.

Numbers to 1 is not a casual game that easily entertains. It takes a few tries to get the hang of the concept and what makes a move valid. There are a slew of settings to change the game around, including level select, changing the grid size, changing the color of the tiles, and sound effects. With the exception of level select and grid size, the settings do very little to enhance the game in my opinion.

If you have an affection for number puzzles and are patient enough with the controls and moving options, Numbers to 1 is OK. The beginning levels through 10 are just easy enough to manipulate that it strikes a good balance of challenge and fun. After 10, the challenge grows a bit and the need to approach it logically really kicks in, but not necessarily in a super brainiac way.

Though a game doesn’t have to be flashy or exuberant to be good, my biggest gripe with Numbers to 1 is the price. It just doesn’t feel like a two-dollar game. Numbers to 1 is a prime candidate for in-app purchases. This app will appeal to a select group of gamers. If you're a logic puzzle fanatic, then you'll buy level after level. But some folks will find that 10 levels are enough.

The puzzle app does have an underlying addictive nature, but it's the kind of thing that only logic puzzle fans will appreciate. If you're that fan, then Numbers to 1 is likely to provide an ongoing challenge. If you are a logic puzzle fanatic, you might find the value of Numbers to 1 to be worth the purchase.

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  • sander

    Well, the reviewer missed some points:

    First: there's a color button which is very helpful in coming to the solution (when you're stuck or if you want to play the easy way), because every tile belongs to the same colored column. This gives you a lot of "information" about "dead end streets" etc.
    Second: you can choose a series number so you can find a certain puzzle again. This can be fun e.g. for asking a friend to do the same puzzle.

    And yes: puzzle games are for people that like puzzle games ;-)
    My seven year old(!) nephew kept playing on and on.

    Sander (developer)