NYT App Takes All the News that's Fit to Print Offline


nytimes iphone appYou would be hard pressed to find a more esteemed newspaper anywhere in the world than The New York Times. Since 1918, the NYT has won 98 Pulitzer Prizes, far more than any other U.S. newspaper. When the venerable newspaper released its free, ad-supported NYTimes app, it quickly found a receptive audience.

The NYTimes app downloads all the day's news in one shot, so you can read it offline. It also has a photo album. Click on an image and it, and the article it accompanies, will fill the screen. There's also a landscape mode and an edit option to configure your most frequently read topic areas.

This app is virtually identical to the AP Mobile News app AppCraver reviewed a few weeks back. It even looks the same.

There are few differences that mitigate in favor of the AP Mobile app. The first is that it provides news local to where you happen to be, which NYT does not. It has more news categories, which provides a greater level of personalization. The third, is that waiting for the NYT to download, sometimes feels like you're standing around for a bus that will never come. Download speed has been a complaint about the NYT's app since day one, and it despite updates, it's still slow.

AP Mobile loads all the day's news in one shot for offline reading too, but it just pops.

However, it is the NYT after all, and you'll be getting a level of reporting and analysis you won't find anywhere else. That is going to be worth the wait to many people.

I'll keep it on my iPhone with AP Mobile but I sure wish the "Grey Lady" (a name given to the newspaper when it was considered stuffy) would hurry things up.

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  • http://www.inkmusings.com Gary

    I too loved the NYT app because...well, it's the NYT! But I eventually dumped it in favor of the AP mobile because of the download issue. Really hope they fix that one day and I can bring it back. AP's okay, but NYT's content was stronger...just couldn't stand waiting (and frequently turning the Touch back on so it would continue the downloads).

  • Joe

    Enjoy it for now they will soon be brankrupt. Just not enough readers willing to pay for slanted left wing propaganda.

  • http://GarySaid.com/ Gary LaPointe

    It seems to cache everything okay for my with my iPod Touch (just got it in April).

    If only I could turn some categories off (NY, The CIty, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, Fashion, Home/Garden, Weddings, Real Estate and Automobiles) we could all save some time downloading and bandwidth; over 1/2 the categories I have no interest in. Actually I have a lot more interest in some of the categories news from a few days old if it would download that.

    What I really want is a service to send a "push" to tell it to update automatically a few times a day (I'd even tell the NYT who I am and other stats, they supply a push to me several times a day and put in some targeted ads tied to my interest!)

    Throw in some local weather (and some local AP news) and it's my number one app. Before this app, I had no interest in the NYT.