Obama '08 - The Campaign comes to the iPhone

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

obama 08 iphone appPolitical grassroots campaigning has found a new meaning in the internet age and a new app by Obama for America includes the iPhone in the equation. With Apple's iPhone sales being higher than anyone expected and the app store being a success, this free app comes at a good time. And with just over a month between the release of Obama '08 and election day, the Obama campaign was the first to bridge this market gap.

Obama '08 serves as the official iPhone connection to the Obama/Biden campaign and allows the user different options to stay informed and get involved. The Call Friends function organizes your contacts by state and prioritizes them into key battlegrounds, trying to encourage you to make calls and talk to people about the election. Call statistics show totals on nationwide calls, active and top callers. The app furthermore finds local Obama headquarters and shows updated local and national campaign news as well as upcoming local events. Media links show pictures and videos, including ads and clips from the campaign trail.

For any Obama supporter who wants to get involved, this app is a comprehensive tool, providing inspiration on what to do and information about the issues at hand.  With statements by Obama explaining his position on important issues like defense, civil rights, energy & environment, fiscal, Iraq etc., this campaign app is not only useful to the convinced supporter but to anyone who is looking for a compact and easy way to find out what this presidential candidate is about.

Editor's note: This app has since been updated as Obama for America

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • afternic

    where's the john mccain phone?

  • Rick

    May be coincidence but my phone crashed hard after installing this. When it finally came back up a bunch of my contacts seemed to be borked. Thank God for backups!

  • theoneandonly

    obama ruled john mccain tonite in the debate. he understands the internet and iphone too...