Octo's Tales: Pirates! Cannons! And...UFOs?

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Octo's Tales
Developer: davide tantillo
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Octos Tales iphone app combines pirates and UFOs for a shooting game.If you're an octopus pirate, you can't just sit back when you're attacked by UFOs — you have to fight them off! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd type.) And in Octo's Tales by Granet Entertainment, that's exactly what you do. Users take control of Octo the dread octopus pirate and help him defend his ship against incoming fire from a UFO overhead.

To move Octo around, you simply slide your finger from side-to-side, and lift your finger to make Octo fire his cannon at the ammo being dropped from the UFO (which looks vaguely like Lucky Charms). Although Octo himself seems invincible to the bombs being dropped, each time one hits the ship, it sinks the boat a bit, so you have to be sure to shoot as many as possible.

There are two gameplay modes for Octo's Tales: Arcade Mode, which features 30 levels, and Survival Mode, which is just an onslaught of bombs being dropped, and the goal is, naturally, to survive as long as possible and get the highest score.

Octo's Tales is cute, if conceptually absurd, and it's kind of funny. Aside from the obvious silliness of an ocotpus pirate being attacked by UFOs, the music sounds decidedly cowboy-esque. Throw in some ninjas and some zombies, and there'd be something for every Internet geek who's ever argued over which would win in a fight.

The graphics for Octo's Tales are pretty decent, and for the most part I didn't have technical issues. One time, I thought the game had frozen on me, until I realized that I'd shot some sort of bonus item that froze time and allowed me a break from the falling ammo. Score!

Although Octo's Tales should probably be rated "ARRR!" (pirate joke, my apologies), it seems like it would be well-suited for kids as well as adults, maybe even more so. It's pretty simple in concept and entertaining enough, in a mindless way.

Here's a demonstration of Octo's Tales from YouTube, if you'd like to see it for yourself.

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