Oh My Girl Offers Fake Calls for a (Mood) Swingin' Good Time

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Oh My GirlOh My Girl - I’ve had my share of crazy messages left on my voicemail by girlfriends over the years, some I wished I would have saved and some so scary I was almost afraid to delete for fear that pressing the delete option would cause some sort of nuclear disaster. Apparently the people over at Mac Killer Apps have more intestinal fortitude than I do. Oh My Girl iPhone app has taken all of those uncomfortable calls and messages and packaged them into what they term Your personal relationship trainer.

It’s easy to get started with Oh My Girl iPhone app. You can start in the default configuration or personalize it by uploading a picture, naming your girl and selecting a ringtone. Next select which mood you want your caller to be in; finally select the frequency of calls (every 3 seconds by default). Now you’re set. Hit the call me button and let the fun begin.

Oh My Girl iPhone app allows you to "treat yourself" to a litany of phone calls from your sexy girl presenting one of four different moods — Affectionate, Annoyed, Crazy, or Philosophical. I prefer to leave them all turned on. Seems a bit more realistic to receive a call telling you what a wonderful time she had and how perfect you are together, followed up with one saying her therapist told her she’s too good for you. Good times!

I’m not sure Oh My Girl iPhone app really trains you for the rigors of a long-term relationship, as the developer suggests. Sir Francis Drake probably had an easier time circumnavigating the world than trying to navigate the relationship landscape. Of course, he wasn’t receiving any crazy calls asking him why he hasn’t updated his Facebook status.

With more than 70 different calls available, Oh My Girl iPhone app can create hours of fun for anyone. One word of caution, the calls always play aloud through your speaker unless you’re wearing your headset. The upside is they can be played almost anywhere because there is no porn, nudity, or obscenities. Which makes it all the more fun. Stuck talking to someone and need to get away? Hit the call me button and receive that important call from Oh My Girl telling you to “come home and warm me up.”

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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