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Arcade Bowling™
Developer: Skyworks Interactive, Inc.
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arcade bowling iphoneRemember that gorgeous, graceful teenage girl, gliding around on roller skates at the old fashioned rink and arcade. That wasn't me. I was clinging to stationary objects, seconds from peril with every move. And the arcade games I played were a predictable disaster. Poor aim, weak arms, bad form. Those big maroon-framed Sally Jesse Raphael glasses didn't help either.

Times have changed only slightly. While I may have contact lenses and a cool, chic style, I'm still lacking in grace and basic hand-eye coordination.

Arcade Bowling from Skyworks lends me the skills I'd always envied. This Skeeball game for iPhone and iPod touch keeps it old-school by sticking with just the basics.

Touch near the bottom of the screen for the ball, drag it left or right and fling it up. A light fingertip fling carries the ball up the lane to the point-designated rings awaiting it below. Too much force will send the ball into that u-shaped ten point area again and again, which is essentially what one has to at least earn each time they throw. In Arcade Bowling tilting the screen influences the flight of the ball into the point value ring the player is striving for. Flashing holes are worth 5X the normal amount, that the tilt capability helps to make a more worthwhile pursuit.

Two modes of game play are available, classic and progressive. A progressive game is still the same type of play, but with the object being to reach the point goal given at the start and earn 9 more balls. The user can exert control over sound fx and music independently.  Both music track selections are synthesizer heavy techno, which is kind of fun and has that generic feel, like you're waiting for the jukebox to cut in on it. A cool-toned color scheme, heavy in purple and teal, is bright and fun.

Once the user gets the hang of how the ball will move and how tilt will effect it, Arcade Bowling really gets to be a fun game. It's simplicity is charming, kind of makes you feel like a kid again. Without the angst, acne or roller skates.

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  • Michael

    are all apps for the iphone also compatable with the ipod touch?

  • Michael

    please reply, i gotta know

  • Barbara Holbrook

    Most apps for the iPhone also work with the iPod touch. Apps that require using the iPhone's camera or phone service don't work with the touch for obvious reasons. However, you're usually fine when it comes to games.

    You can always be sure by checking the App Store. At the bottom of the app's description there is a section called "Requirements" that displays what devices the app is compatible with.