OMG WTF LOL is an Easy Emoji App to Help the Tech-Impaired Install Emoticons

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

OMG WTF LOL - Emoji Emoticons for iPhone

For those not using emoticons because they lack the technical know-how, OMGWTFLOL Emoji offers easy set-up and lots of options.

Everybody loves emoji, the popular Japanese picture characters that make messaging fun. Short of jail breaking or upgrading to a new iPhone, how do you get an emoji keyboard to liven up your text messages, emails, and in calendar events? A third party application may be the quickest and easiest option – one like OMG WTF LOL – Emoji Emoticons. This third party emoji keyboard application features the standard emoticons and pictures that have become so popular for messaging. A total of 450 different faces, pictures and symbols are included. 

Granted, the next iPhone release is rumored to come with an emoji keyboard and many older phone owners have already found work-arounds or simply chosen free emoji apps. If you haven’t jumped on board the emoticon bandwagon for lack of technical know-how and don’t mind spending a buck to achieve your means, then OMG WTF LOL Emoji Emoticons is a fairly ideal third party application to get you set up. The steps are simple and pretty much fail proof. Simply purchase, download, open and make sure emoji is enabled within the app. Next, go to the general tab under the settings menu of your device, scroll to keyboards, tap international keyboards, and scroll to and tap on “emoji.”

You can use the emoji keyboard anywhere text appears — including messaging, email, folders, calendar events, and within other third party application chat functions. Keep in mind that not all mobile devices and third party applications support emoji, which can result in odd looking squares or “wingdings” where the picture character is inserted. This phenomenon has more to do with the receiving end rather than the sending end and the result is the same for paid and free apps alike. Nonetheless, there are plenty of situations where emoji display as intended, adding a bit of personality to messages and other text.

OMG WTF LOL Emoji Emoticons is a paid app, but it provides a full version emoji keyboard that functions in all of iPhone’s native text applications and has no ad interference. It is quick and easy to install and provides full capabilities that the free Lite version of the same app does not.

While there are plenty of ways to enable emoji on your iPhone, much of which will yield the same result, OMG WTF LOL Emoji Emoticons gets the job done quickly and efficiently for a buck.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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