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OmniFocus for iPad
Developer: The Omni Group
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OmniFocus for iOS and OS XIf you're in search of a productivity app that allows you to create tasks, add actions, view appointments and flag as appropriate, then look no further as OmniFocus is a powerful option that will do the trick. Better yet, it will be your go-to organizational app no matter if you're on your iPad, iPhone or Mac desktop. And yes, it syncs seamlessly between all devices.

I've been using OmniFocus for iPad for the past six months and I've yet to find a contender that comes close. Not only is it perfect for the professional who needs to sync between multiple devices, but it's also a great option for someone just needing a go-to GTD app on one device. And I'm not the only one who thinks highly of the app. There are over 5,500 4-star reviews for the iPhone version alone. 

While I mainly play in the Forecast view and use the quick note tool, there is a plethora of tools to really dial down into pure productivity goodness. For instance, the capture tool lets you record all those pesky to-dos that are fighting your cerebral cortex for sleep in one nice and neat section to process later. The quick entry is perfect for this.

Where OmniFocus really shows its worth is the contexts feature that allows you to categorize actions by work mode. For instance, if you add "call Mitch to catch up on project progress" via the new item tab and select the phone tag, you'll be able to click on the contexts tab and it will be listed under the phone-related items along with anything else with that tag. And of course, you can tag with several different options such as office, home, computer, online, grocery store, etc. This is a great process for when you really need to organize your day into specific categories.

One of the other highly useful functions of OmniFocus is the project-based entries. These tasks can become more of a campaign of sorts, meaning you can add individual tasks underneath the project that are key to getting the overall project done. This comes in handy for multi-faceted projects that require input from teams in order for you to finish your portion or even for home projects such as remodeling.

If I could give OmniFocus for iPad an 11 out of 10, I would, it's just that useful. The ability to sync between devices and your desktop is worth the price tag alone, but it doesn't stop there. The developer went far beyond simple functions and provided us with a multitude of actionable items, quick entry, location awareness and contexts. OmniFocus is the complete package for anyone who needs to get things done.

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